An update (from the St. Sebastian stairwell, apparently)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our friends in I.K. provide constant entertainment.  In addition to saying "Yes, we can!" all times (both in and out of context), they also love the phrases "Free for you" and "If you want I want."  "Free for you" essentially means "go on, have a piece of pizza" or "sure, you can use our bathroom."  It also works both ways; if they need to borrow something from our kitchen, they come in, take it, and then ask, "Free for me?" before heading back upstairs.  Today, Vaidas tried to persuade me to do their dishes by saying, "Jenni, washing dishes, free for you!"  So really, you can use it in any scenario.  There other go-to phrase, "If you want, I want" roughly translates to "Whatever you say."  So if we ask Sergi if he wants to come to Merkur with us, he will likely say, "If you want I want" aka "Sure, if you want me to."

In Sandy news, we're working on getting her a phone.  We also have so many trips planned throughout the next several months and even though we aren't living with each other like we thought, we are having so much fun both together and separately.  She has yet to come visit me in I.K. (!!!!) but I see her often at St. Sebastian; I'm there every day hanging out with Kayla anyway.  Here we are in the stairwell, just hanging out, as you do...

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