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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yesterday was Roman's golden birthday; he turned 24 on the 24th ("una vez in la vida", he told me).  His mom sent Sergio 100 euro and asked him to spend it on a party for him.  Sergi was so excited to go shopping for it, and bought 2 birthday cakes, candles, paper plates, napkins, and flags from all the party-goers' home countries.  He invited Americans, some Spanish students, all the Polish students, a few Austrian students and a couple of the Irish students as well.  Yesterday was also Sergi's name day (for St. Sergio), which he told every guest in attendance; any time someone wished Roman a happy birthday, a "Happy Name Day, Sergi" was sure to follow.

Then today, I attended my first 'Hiter und das Dritte Reich' class, taught all in German.  Our professor is younger than I expected, and so nice.  There are only 6 students in the class so I was afraid it would be really intimidating but I don't think it will be that bad at all.  I am still a little bit shocked every time I realize I can understand the German language, though.  Hopefully I'll get over that soon.

After class, I walked to St. Sebastian and made dinner with Kayla.  And on my way home from dinner, as I walked past Cafe Habakuk (a little pasty cafe), I glanced inside and saw a familiar face leaning over to look at the pastries.  It was Sandy!  I ducked inside the cafe and we shared an apfel streudel.

More updates to come...

^^ A shot of St. Sebastian, and Cafe Habkuk just down the bend.


Quote of the day: "Well, just bought my fourth jar of Nutella for the week." -- Sandy

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