Bye Bye, Valencia (Back To Barcelona I go)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We woke up bright and early so JC and Hunt could show me around in Valencia.  After we spent a few hours walking around, we ate some falafel, obviously.  It was just what I wanted.

All day long, JC & Hunt were constantly asking me, "Are you doing okay? Do you want to see this? Do you want to see that? Do you need to stop and use the bathroom? Do you need to stop and get some water?"  At one point, they got a bit mixed up with their navigation and they would not stop apologizing about the round-about way in which they were leading me: "We are so embarrassed; we've made you walk so far, we are so sorry." 

After a great day of sight-seeing and enjoying each other's company, we decided to stay in that night and cook dinner and watch The Office on DVD. They offered me any of their food and drinks and were constantly asking if I needed anything else, or if I was having fun, or if I wanted to do something else, etc. At one point, they were talking about basketball for a significant amount of time and I was sitting there, somewhat uninterested, and they said, "We are so sorry; you didn't come here to listen to us talk about basketball."

After spending the whole day outside walking around, it was nice to stay in and relax. We sat on their pull-out couch (which had been made into my bed) and watched a few episodes of The Office. Then came the highlight of the trip: We Skyped with Kaitlyn!!!!!!!! JC, Kaitlyn, and I were all 3 best friends at OSU. It felt unfair

to be spending so much time with him when she wasn't with me. So, Skyping with her was such a treat. Of course when it came time for bed, they both asked me 100 times if I had enough blankets and pillows, or if the temperature was alright, etc.

The next day, we woke up early and went to the beach! It was so hot outside and I should have brought a swimsuit. I had asked JC ahead of time if I should bring one and he told it was way too cold.  Cut to the 3 of us on the beach -- JC and Hunt in their swimsuits and me in a sweater and black skinny jeans.  It was fine, though; we spent our time there lying around in the sand and it felt so strange to see the sun shining. I haven't seen the sun in weeks.

I had to catch a 2:00 train back to Barcelona, as I was spending Sunday night there with Caroline and Fio. We sort of got carried away at the beach; it was so nice and we were so relaxed that before we knew it, it was 12:45. We ran to the bus stop and caught the bus back into town and headed to their flat so I could gather up my things. On the way from their flat to the train station I realized that I had left my coat in their living room. I, of course, hadn't needed it in Spain, but I would need it as soon as I got to Austria. Hunt told me not to worry and he turned around and ran (literally) back to their flat, retrieved the coat, and then ran to the metro station; he met up with us just in time.

The metro there runs every 20 minutes (as opposed to most cities where it runs every few minutes) and we were literally seconds too late for the metro. We didn't have 20 minutes to spare and it would take too long to walk to the train station. I began to panic a little bit and Hunt and JC told me not to worry, that we would all take a cab together and they would get me on the train by 2:00. I kept apologizing and telling them they shouldn't have to pay for my cab and they told me it was the least they could do and that it was their fault for not planning the day better. They hailed a cab and we got to the train station with 5 minutes to spare. I bought my ticket (which was only 20 euro this time, thankfully) and hugged them goodbye very quickly. I ran through security and got on the train just in time.

On the train ride back to Barcelona, I took pictures through the window as we flew past the beach, and reflected at how kind JC and Hunt been to me all weekend and how nice it is to have friends as good as them.  They are coming to Salzburg at the end of the month, though, and I cannot wait.  I hope to repay the favor to them and give them just as good of a time.  Although if I know Salzburg, I daresay their time will be even better...

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