Highlights from Vienna

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1.  Rooming with Caroline and Kayla in the best hotel.
2.  The amazing view from our hotel room.  Even though it was cloudy the whole time, we didn't care.
3.  The hotel's complimentary breakfast buffet; each morning of our stay Caroline and I made a habit of eating not one, not two, but three whole plates of food.
4.  Sleeping on the whole bus ride there and back.
5.  Declaring the weekend "recovery weekend" and retreating to hotel room early each night to lay in the hotel bed with Caroline eating bags upon bags of flaxseed cookies (the 4 hours of sleep I got in Barcelona nearly killed me).  We slept 12 hours each night and it felt so good.  Dare I say I am back to my old self again?
6.  Discovering a great falafel restaurant near our hotel, where we paid 5 euro 50 for 5 falafels, tabouli, brown rice, cous cous, hummus, and tzatziki sauce.  
7.  Bundling up in the coat my mom sent me from home -- the coat that made it around the world and back again, since the USPS sent it to Australia, and then had the audacity to argue with my mom over whether or not Austria is really a country.
8.  Visiting Schloss Schönbrunn with the group and taking that iconic red-coat picture with Kayla in front of it.
9.  Shopping at Vero Moda with Caroline.
10.  Stopping at a pay-for-what-you-get buffet restaurant on the way back -- the kind where they base your final price on how much food is on your plate -- and watching the look of horror spread across Tim's face when he realized his plate came to a total of 33 euro 50.  He was under the (very false) impression that it was just a run-of-the-mill 'all you can eat' buffet, and for that reason, he loaded his plate with a mountain of food atop of which he scattered 4-7 fried shrimps, of all things, for a garnish effect.  He couldn't put any of the food back, either, once it was on his plate.  I'm pretty sure some of us had to lend him money....and I'm also pretty sure this was the highlight of the weekend for all of us, except maybe Tim.

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