Halloween in Salzburg (on March 31)

Monday, April 6, 2009

At the very beginning of our semester, we somehow came up with the idea of celebrating Halloween on March 31.  We kept the idea at the back of our minds these past several weeks and decided to go ahead and host our very own party, the best part being that none of us have many resources for costumes so everyone had to be really creative.

Caroline and I were the primary hostesses but it was sort of a group effort on the part of all the Americans; everyone was into it.  Since we live in I.K., where there are virtually no rules and an endless amount of international students, it made the most sense to host it here.  We invited our friends on Facebook, told some students on our way to class, and my friends JC & Hunt flew in from Valencia for it.  The turnout ended up being huge and the playlist was great (the most important part, of course).  I named the playlist "Tim, don't touch this" because I knew he'd take over, which he did, but he has great taste so even that didn't matter.

Costume details are as follows:

Sandy as Lauren Conrad, Me as a bumble bee, Tim as Waldo, Robert as Cupid, the Spanish boys + our Austrian friend Stefan as various futbol players, Kayla as an Alpen maiden, JC as a zombie, Hunt as a cowboy, Piotr has a Polish bank robber.

Sandy's Lauren Conrad costume was the easiest, but still pretty creative; a blank tank under a high-waisted Luna Lynn skirt, accessorized with a scarf, RayBans, and, of course, the signature LC side braid.  My bumblebee costume was fairly easy as well; I had brought that sweater from home, so I threw it on over a black dress and bought pipe cleaners to wind around a headband.  Then I found 2 styrofoam balls at a nearby craft store and used black nail polish to paint them black before sticking them on top of the pipe cleaners as my antennae.  Although, it was so hot at the party that the sweater didn't last long (that's when the yellow AA circle scarf came in handy).  To get into character as Waldo, Tim borrowed both my shirt and jeans, but used his own (signature) red beanie and Waldo-esque glasses.  When he walked in, every person - regardless of nationality - recognized his costume and cheered.  Robert, aka Cupid, twisted a blue bed sheet around his waist to make a cloud, and then bought a bow and arrow at the discount store, which I thought was pretty creative as well.  The team of futbol players already had their own jerseys, so that was easy, but then they carried around a bag of balled up trash all night to serve as their futbol, which was particularly amusing.  Kayla's costume was, by far, the most expensive -- dirndls are not cheap!  JC's zombie costume was definitely the grossest; he ripped up a white-tshirt and then poured strawberry dessert sauce all over it to make 'blood'.  I think the most memorable part about his costume, though, was the fact that he bought a pair of boy's (as in, children's) jeans to rip up and wear on bottom (also covered in strawberry dessert sauce).  He used my black eye makeup to 'decorate' his face.  Hunt as as a cowboy was particularly fitting -- he's from Enid, Oklahoma so at least he had the accent down.  He borrowed my flannel shirt and added a toy gun and cowboy hat to complete the look.  And then there's Piotr as a Polish bank robber... a very minimalist approach, if you will.

These are just a few of my favorite costumes,  as there were many, many more.  Such an unforgettable night!

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