The Berlin Wall + The Berlin Beach

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our main goal in Berlin was to see the wall, specifically the East side Gallery.  I had no idea we would be able to spend so much time there.  We stopped and looked at every part of it; it really is like a free, open-air art museum.   While walking along the Gallery, though, we came across a beach.  Or rather, a "beach."  Open between the very distinct times of "sunrise" and "sunset", this manmade beach runs right along the river, playing beachy music and serving beachy drinks.  We spent 3 hours relaxing in the sand there one day, just basking in the sun and feeling the cool breeze.  It was one of the highlights of our time there, for sure.  The end of our semester is approaching and we're both in a bit of denial about it (to put it mildly), so to be able to lie there with our toes in the sand and escape reality for  just a few hours was heaven.

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