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Friday, May 1, 2009

Salzburg has cast a spell on every one of us; none of us can leave for longer than 2 days without experiencing serious bouts of homesickness.  A common phrase we've heard from one another at various points of our weekend getaways is, "I just wanna be back in Saaaalzburg."  So, spending nearly the entirety of our 3-week Easter break out of town (first with my parents, then with Caroline), I was prepared to have my fair share of withdrawals.  But even so, Caroline and I spent the train ride from Berlin to Munich, and then Munich to Salzburg counting down the minutes until we were home again (and there were a lot of minutes).

One one of those train rides, I had a minor breakdown; it hit me just how quickly time is passing.  If only there were more hours in the day or more days in the week.  So many of us are heartbroken at the idea of parting ways and going home, and now that Easter Break is over, most people leave in a month.  One month.  How is that possible?  

A few others, like myself, are staying, but the group as we know it will be splitting, and I am awaiting that day with a great amount of dread.

I am among the last to have this realization; Caroline has been having moments, intermittently for the past few weeks, where she'll stop and ask me, "Wait --what are we going to do when I leave?"  And I'm not really sure what we're going to do.  We've been so inseparable these past few months that it's going to be so strange for me to be here with her back in the States.  Roman and Sergi have been dreading it, too; when they realized, the other night, that Caroline will be gone a month from now, Roman turned to her and said, "I will cry one river when we say goodbye to you."

Speaking of rivers (awesome segue, I know), this photo of the Salzach, below, was taken by a friend of mine, who obviously owns a much nicer camera than me.  I love it because, although it's not the snow-covered Salzburg I first fell in love with, it's a new side of Salzburg that I love just as much.  

Springtime has arrived in Salzburg and if the days could just lengthen themselves to 48 hours instead of 24, then all would be right with the world.

Just kidding, even that wouldn't be enough time.

Salzburg, I love you.

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