Salzburg City Limits

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Caroline and I hosted a Heimfest this past week.  Well, I should say that I.K. hosted a Heimfest this past week and we just decided to assume control of it.  

We named it "Salzburg City Limits", which meant the dress code was 'music festival'.  This was an instant hit because all of our international friends are very intrigued by the Woodstocky, tie-dyed lifestyle that they've seen in movies like Forest Gump, Across the Universe, or any other film depicting the hippie subculture.  I was just reading an Austrian magazine this morning in which I found an article listing the "best hippie boutiques in the States."  Maybe that's why, when Caroline and I offered to collect 3 euro from each of our friends and then tie-dye clothes for them, everyone jumped at the chance, immediately handing their euro coins over to us.  Cue Caroline and I searching high and low at nearly every store in town, unable to find anything remotely tie-dye.  

So instead of delivering the tie-dyed costumes we had so earnestly promised, we handed each of our contributing friends a single scarf to tie around their head, and then drew peace-sign tattoos on their faces with marker (although Sergi's tattoo was the unique phrase "I <3 bicep="" caro="" his="" jenni="" on="" p="" written="">

3 euros goes a long way when I'm your costume designer.

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