Salzburg's finest Chinese Buffet

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Around 30 people showed up for Sandy's birthday dinner -- her 21st birthday dinner, mind you -- for which she chose to dine at.... the Chinese buffet.  The highlight of the dinner was, perhaps, when Chris O'Connor stood up to make a toast.  No one had planned this, nor was anyone expecting this.  He opened his toast by saying, "Sandra Brown traveled 21 years and 4,000 miles to eat at this Chinese buffet tonight."  The room erupted into a fit of laughter. 

Sandy's mom had sent me money with which I was to buy her dinner and buy her birthday cake.  I ended up buying two birthday cakes, one of which was a Sachertorte, of course.  She loved them both and we passed each around for everyone to sample.  With all of our friends right there in one room, I think it's safe to say we had just about the most fun that you can have at the only Chinese buffet in Salzburg....if not more.

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