Bidding farewell to Salzburg (for now) with brunch at Cafe Mozart

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The week after everyone's departure involved much-needed rest and relaxation.  Lindsay moved in with me the day after Caroline moved out and we spent every day of the next week doing absolutely nothing.  It was wonderful, and so necessary.  The day after "the last night" (the night in which most of our friends moved home), we didn't even get out of bed except for mealtimes.  We were both emotionally and physically drained so we designated the next day "recovery day" which soon spilled into "recovery week."  Although that week was strangely uneventful by comparison to the months and months of action-packed trips and excursions before it, it felt so good to actually stop and rest.

One night, we got locked out of our room (long story), so we had to sleep in Sergi and Roman's room upstairs.  We didn't even ask them, either, we just chimed into Roman's bed and fell asleep before they could protest.  Funnily enough, they didn't care, and slept in Sergi's twin bed together without so much as a complaint.  They took this photo of us sleeping and I wish I still had a picture of them squeezed into Sergi's bed; I took one in the morning and it was so cute, but one of them "accidentally deleted it" from my camera.

Anyhow, when we woke up, we met up with Robert and Kayla at Cafe Mozart.  Cafe Mozart, on Salzburg's historic Getreidegasse, is one of Kayla's favorite restaurants in town.  The food is not my absolute favorite, but it's worth going for the atmosphere alone.  I always get the Vital Frühstück (seen above): coffee/tea/hot chocolate/kombucha, a roll with butter and honey, yogurt with müsli and fresh fruit.  All of that is 9 euro 50.  I also always remember to get a complimentary box (or maybe two boxes) of Mozart matches on my way out!  Anyhow, Robert and Kayla had been traveling through Italy and Germany but stopped through Salzburg that morning to bid us farewell before Kayla flew back to the States (she was flying out Munich).  Thank goodness they didn't leave when the rest of the group did... I don't think I could have handled saying goodbye to Caroline and Kayla in the same night. 

Saying goodbye to Kayla at the train station after breakfast was bad enough.  I told Lindsay, "Just when you think you can't cry anymore . . . ohhhh, but you can!"  Kayla was one of the first real friends I made in Salzburg.  I loved her from the beginning and we spent every day together during the first 3 weeks of our intensive German class.  Those weeks were so special to me and in my mind they stand out as "the Kayla weeks."  The only adjective that comes to mind to describe that time is 'magical.'  As soon as I landed in Salzburg, I knew I was going to be in Austria for a long, long time, and I knew that the friendships I was forming were really, really special.  Suffice it to say, I think I was right on both accounts.  I miss you already, Kayla -- come back, come back, come back!  I'll be waiting for you at Cafe Mozart with my Vital Frühstück and a box of Mozart matches.

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