AG fest in Salzburg: a good, good night

Monday, August 31, 2009

In this post, I mentioned that the night before our hike up to Monchsberg, we attended a Studentenfest -- AG Fest, to be specific.  AG stands for AktionsGemeinschaft, which is a student organization at Uni. Salzburg.  They're always hosting really fun events, and this one was no exception.  Called "A Good, Good Night", this event was named after the Black Eyed Peas' hit song "I Gotta Feeling" which has been a huge hit in Salzburg and around Austria.  I had no idea it was a Black Eyed Peas song until Jenny told me and I was shocked to hear that it was playing on all the radio stations in the US; I tend to think that Salzburg is this isolated community and that everything I experience here is specific only to this area.  But no -- turns out, this song isn't special at all, as evidenced by the fact that it's sung by Fergie and Will I Am.

It was really fun to get ready in my bathroom before a night out -- just like Caroline and I used to do together.  It was even more fun to walk into Spoon (the venue) and see so many of my friends.  Since Caroline and my other American friends are gone, I've been feeling really nostalgic and generally blue, and having the company of all my favorite European friends made me feel more like myself.  Sergi and Roman, of course, were there, and they loved Jenny, just as I suspected.  They called her "Jenny #2."  

Another highlight?  The event was hosted by my Italian friend Francesco.  He's a DJ and I don't just mean "his parents are C-list celebrities so he DJs parties on the weekends and uses the money to support his drug habit."  I don't know if that's "a thing" in Europe -- maybe that trend is specific to the US.  The point being: Francesco is really good and his parties are really fun.  And of course he DJs every show with an Italian flag on his table!

At one point, he played a remix of Blink-182's 'All The Small Things' (sounds so lame, I know, but stay with me) and sang the lyrics, "Always I know, you'll be at my show" directly to me while grabbing my hands because, well, it's kinda true.  I'm always at his shows.  He plays Beyonce for me, so, obviously.

But perhaps the best moment was walking in and seeing Andy.  Andy is one of my favorite friends I've made here.  He's from the U.K. and lives at Europa Kolleg, which is just one bus stop down from I.K.  Walking into the party and seeing his face made me so happy.  He's the best dance partner and always makes me laugh so much.  His accent is so British it sound fake.  Does that make sense to you?  It does to me.

Or perhaps the real highlight was watching Sergi's dance-off in the center of the dance floor......

Actually, no -- the real highlight was when this young man (see in the background) approached Jenny and asked her a question in Spanish.  When he realized she didn't speak Spanish, he turned to me and asked me.  He told me that he gave her and her family a boat tour 3 years ago in the Dominican Republic.  I told him that I didn't know if she'd ever been to the Dominican Republic and that he'd have to ask her.  She asked her, again, in Spanish, to which she responded, "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" Much to her satisfaction, he did!  She told him she'd never been to the Dominican Republic, but he remained unconvinced.  They argued back and forth it about it for quite some time.  I don't know if ever truly believed her.  He was just so convinced he had given her that boat tour and did not want to hear otherwise.

'Twas a good, good night indeed.

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