A day in Salzburg's Altstadt

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Throughout Jenny's entire visit, she kept a list of her favorite cities and updated the rankings as we traveled.  I believe we made it to 11 cities total and I am so very proud (but not at all surprised) to say that Salzburg was by far her favorite (her words, too!, not mine).  In fact, there were a few occasions on which I would show her a particularly breathtaking 'corner' of the city and she would immediately have goosebumps all over her arms.  I only wish she could have seen it in the wintertime, too.  That is when I first moved here and fell in love with the city and ever since then, I've been a firm believer that there are few things which can compete with the beauty of Salzburg in the snow.

Either way, Jenny loved Salzburg, and I'm so glad.  Here are some photos of our tour through the Altstadt.

I have no idea why this was her favorite city.  Do you?

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