Gablerbräu for dinner and dessert; Hotel Stein for dessert again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gablerbräu:  Gablerbräu has special meaning to me because of ____ night.  I knew I had to take Jenny there.  My meal was great but the polenta Jenny ordered was outstanding.  I can't wait to go back and order that next time.  Gablerbräu's interior is beautiful but I prefer the outdoor seating -- the ambiance is too good (although in winter months, you have no choice, so inside it is!).  Jenny and I had an ongoing joke, where after we ate a really delicious meal, we would look at one another and proclaim, "Best meal of the trip."  Gablerbräu was one of those "best meals", likely due in part to the Apfelstrudel we had for dessert -- a Salzburg must.

And after dessert #1, we decided to go for dessert #2 at Hotel Stein!  Hotel Stein is one of the best spots in Salzburg.  At first, I was intimidated to go here; Hotel Stein is a very expensive hotel as it is prime real estate in Salzburg, and to get to the rooftop you have to (gasp) enter the hotel lobby -- a place only heiresses and CEOs belong.  But once you get over that part, it's fine, and you get to do things like drink espressos!  And eat second desserts!  I ordered my go-to Hotel Stein dessert: strawberries and cream.  Jenny ordered the Sachertorte, which, technically, is a Vienna staple but who's counting?

And the view's not so bad either, am I right?

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