Tour of Salzburg

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My tour of Salzburg includes fun facts and anecdotes that you don't get from commercial guides, like, "And here we have Petersfriedhof, where my favorite chocolatier -- Paul Fürst -- is buried!  You may know him as being the creator of the Mozartkugeln." 

Or, "Our school's cultural director, Andreas, calls Petersfriedhof the most romantic cemetery in the world.  Can't you sense the romance?  Don't you just want to fall in love here?  Can't you just see yourself meeting your future husband right next to that headstone?"

Or other helpful hints like, "This path is a bike path, which means that if you walk in on it, around it, or remotely near it, and a cyclist rides by, they will ding their bell at you 1-5 times, before you can so much as blink."

One of these days I'll have my own tour company, and it will not make use of obnoxious umbrellas, and it will impose a requirement that if you walk under a certain pace, you are banished from the group with only a partial refund.  Those are the rules, I didn't make them up.  (Except that I did.)

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