5 photos and facts about our time in Munich.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1.  For once in our lives, we had a very uneventful and rather pleasant train ride!  Jenny read The Idiot, while I read Edie Sedgwick's bio.  I had finished Into the Wild in Italy, which wasn't bad (I'd already seen the movie) apart from being generally frustrating in terms of resolution (or lack thereof).  But Edie was gripping -- I couldn't put it down.

2.  One of our first stops: the Rathaus Glockenspiel, which is a must-see in Munich. The upside is that it's free, easy to find, and takes about two seconds of your time.

3.  Something I take all my visiting guests to do in Munich is the view from Peterskirche steeple.  Downside: you have to climb awhile and if heights are not your friend, prepare to be a little dizzy (I know from experience).  But the view is great.

4.  We stopped by the legendary Hofbräuhaus to get a half liter of beer, which was interesting in and of itself since both of us prefer wine.  Try as we might, beer just isn't our favorite.  But we tried the beer, split a pretzel, and observed an American girl with her family (one table over) chew on her hair for a total of 8 consecutive minutes, so that was fascinating.

Next stop: my favorite sight to see in all of Munich...

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