5 Paris highlights (only 3 of which are food-related)

Monday, October 5, 2009

1.  Obviously, the most important thing we did in Paris was eat at LA's du Falafel: Lenny Kravtiz's favorite restaurant and mine too.  It's been called the world's best falafel and let me be clear -- I do not disagree.  I think it is better than Falafel King in Notting Hill but only a little.  Sadly, we only ate here just once... I could have eaten here every meal of the trip.  But it is Paris, and, ya know, there's more to see and do than just hang out with Lenny Kravtiz (.....he wasn't there, but we felt he was there in spirit).

2.  THIS PASTRY.  We stopped in a little bakery on a post-falafel jaunt and ohmygoodness, this pastry changed our lives.  It was sort of like baklava but more honey-based.  Someday I will be back and I will find it and learn more about its origins...the name of the bakery would be a good place to start.

3.  Reading Edie outside the Louvre while Jenny perused the museum.  And yes, we went to Etam beforehand and yes, I bought more clothes and no, I did not need them nor do I have a place to store them, but a blanket in the park with a good book is usually where I want to be (when I'm not eating falafel, that is), so that is all that matters.

4.  Touring the Latin Quarter.  This part of the trip actually involved little to no food!  Surprising, huh?

5.  NUTELLA CREPES.  I eat these wherever I am in the world (Cinque Terre, Brussels, London, Stillwater, OK), but I have this theory that they taste better in Paris and I think I'm right...

But the number 1 highlight is yet to come!
Okay, the number 2 highlight (nothing trumps the falafel).

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