7 pictures/facts about our trip to Brussels

Thursday, October 15, 2009

1.  Jenny and I took the Chunnel from Paris to Brussels.  I love the Chunnel.  If I could travel everyone via the Chunnel, I would, but, you know, that's not exactly possible.  Thanks a lot, geography.

2.  We stayed with Christie, who is a good family friend.  She not only graciously opened up her apartment to us, but showed us around town as soon as we arrived.

3.  Obviously, our first stop on the trip was a falafel restaurant.  Huge thanks to Jenny for tolerating my falafel addiction throughout this entire trip.  It could be worse, right?  I could be addicted to . . . BBQ?  Hard Rock Cafes?  Hot dogs?

4.  Sadly, this was Jenny's and my last night together, as she was preparing to return to the States.  I have no idea when I will see her again, but I already want her to visit me once (or twice) (or 100 times) more.

5.  The weather was unseasonably warm.  Too bad that I only had one clean pair of pants at this point, and they were drawstring 'lounge' pants at that (aka glorified pajama pants).  Fashion has not been my forte this trip.  Chalk it up to depression over the fact that I, too, will be heading back to the States in a couple of weeks!  But I'll be back in December, so I can handle this for now...

6.  Of course we had to try a Belgian waffle.  It wasn't my favorite treat, but I think that just means I need to come back to Brussels and try all the waffles until I find just the right one.

7.  The only picture we got of the three of us was a blurry one.  Again, all the more reason to revisit Christie in Brussels!

Dear Jenny, all of our travels together were so memorable and I'm so flattered that you worked so hard to raise the money to stay here and travel with me for so long!  I miss you already.

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