No snow, but that's okay, because Silvester is tonight!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is it freezing?  Yes.  Snowing?  No.

Eva (our new roommate/new favorite person) told us it had been snowing constantly these past few months but that it stopped the morning we arrived.  But that's okay, because tonight is Silvester!! (New Year's Eve).

Yesterday morning I went to Merkur and bought us a few treats for breakfast.  Caroline used to buy these drinks for us there -- 'vegetable shots' -- that consist of pressed fruits/vegetables with no sugar added.  If you take 2 a day, it equals your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, or something crazy like that.  They're kind of expensive, so we stopped buying them as the semester progressed and we began to care less and less about things like our daily intake of fruits and vegetables, but I brought 6 of them home for us yesterday!  Alpen milk was also on the grocery list, as well as the rosinen bread that Caroline and I consumed so much of last year.  I've been known to consume an entire loaf in one sitting, but we don't have to get into that...

We then spent a few hours at Europark (the mall), shopping at Zara and the 2 H&M's there (because one isn't enough).  We grabbed a late lunch at Indigo afterwards and spent the rest of the night walking around the Altstadt, which is so beautiful and wintry right now, snow or no snow.

Happy Silvester, it's sure to be a magical night!

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