Reyna and O'Malley's (first things first)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reyna Kebap is a little Turkish hole-in-the-wall, and it's so, so delicious.  It was a staple of ours last semester.  Some of the girls from our school still email Reyna, if that tells you anything about our obsession.  I ordered a pizza -- yes, a large pizza, just for myself -- and Lindsay ordered a kebap.  It tasted just as good as we remembered, if not better.  After we ate, there was really only one place to go... O'Malley's.

We crossed the Salzach and headed down Rudolfsaki to our version of Central Perk: the coziest, most special Irish pub in the history of Irish pubs.  I always used to say that I could walk into that pub at any time of day and find at least one person I knew.  As we walked in, an Oasis song was playing (typical) and I couldn't help but smile so widely.  Our 3 favorite bartenders were working and they remembered us, and even started playing Galway Girl (one of "our" songs) upon realizing we were there.

We were both pretty jet-lagged, so we drank a Snakebite (one of "our" drinks) and decided to head home to rest up for our morning plans: trips to Merkur and Europark.  We couldn't wait to go to sleep, but not before we met Eva!  She was home when we made it back and was so unbelievably hospitable and sweet.  She only further proving true my theory that Bavarians are the best!

We are just so overwhelmed and happy to be back; Salzburg is beautiful in the winter (when is it not?), and I can't wait to ring in the New Year in our favorite city on earth!

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