Because I know my mom will want to see photos of where I am currenty living

Monday, May 10, 2010

As soon as Martina picked me up from the airport, she drove me home to the apartment, where I changed clothes and then headed to a wedding with her and her parents. Since my flight had been delayed, we showed up late (so I shouldn't say we went to a wedding, but rather a wedding reception)...but this meant free food and drinks and I was starving. Here are some photos of the apartment, etc.

^^^^ view from the kitchen... where I have been eating with Martina...she has been so gracious and feeding me every meal, even when I say no....weird - I am used to eating one meal every few days (Caroline can attest to this).

^^^^ living room... where Martina and I watched Du, Ich, und der andere (You, me, and Dupree) last night... definitely funnier in English...Owen Wilson dubbed in German just isn't quite the same.

^^^^ kitchen....Caroline, there is a dishwasher and an oven. Can you believe it??

^^^^ view from my bedroom window...I will post pics of my bedroom as soon as I get more settled in...

Note: While moving into the apartment with Martina's help, I had a major flashback to moving my things into IK....Martina lives on the 3rd floor (which, in USA terms = 4th floor) and there is no elevator in the building... I immediately thought of Gena and myself moving our extremely heavy suitcases up the stairs of IK that snowy day in February 2009.... that was rough.
Kaitlyn said...

jennifer, your apartment is so cozy! i miss you. and your texts. and our stella-ing. she (stella) says hello by the way. oh, and she misses jade. love you!!

Jan said...

The apartment is beautiful. Martina sounds so nice. Thanks for the pictures. I was glad you weren't in Oklahoma - Stillwater in particular - today because we've had tornadoes all afternoon!! Take care, love you!!

Lindsay said...

I agree, your apartment looks so cozy and cute :) i love the austrian window in the heart aches that were not making spaetzle together in that kitchen though. please keep updating!

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