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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I decided to walk to Spar yesterday to get groceries. I wore my raincoat because it had rained earlier but then the sun came out.....which is why I walked the 30 minutes to the grocery store.....following the Christmas tree signs (you know what I mean, right???)

At Spar, I bought spätzle and gemüse (tomatoes, sprouts, mushrooms, carrots, onions, as usual) to make gemüse spätzle..of ..course...along with müsli, vollmilk (the Clever kind), flaxseed cookies, and studentenfutter. (Caroline, don't hate me....I mean, look at it this way...I did not buy ANY Milka!!!???) Martina had also sent me with a list of needed items, which I so proudly fulfilled for her ('proudly' because the list was written in German and I had no idea what any of these things were....seeing as how Semmeln, Ovalmatine, vegetables, and Milka were usually the extent of mine and Caroline's grocery lists...). I paid quickly and bagged my items quickly (only took one trip to Hofer with Tim to learn that if you don't bag groceries in .54 seconds, there will be hell to pay) and the trip seemed like a success, until I stepped outside and realized it was pouring down rain again. Feeling invincible in my raincoat, I decided to go ahead and walk the 30 minute trek home, got about 5 minutes into the walk and realized that this was a stupid idea, but for some reason refused to stop walking long enough to look for a bus stop.

Let it be known that my Salzburg nostalgia has passed for the most part ( though that might have something to do with the fact that I am spending five days there starting tomorrow..!!!) But during this walk home, my Salzburg wistfulness was at a high point. I was saying things to myelf like, ''This would never happen in Salzburg'' or ''WHY CAN'T THERE BE A MERKUR DOWN THE STREET? WHY AM I NOT LIVING IN IK? WHERE IS CAROLINE? WHERE ARE LINDSAY AND KAYLA?''

When I got home, I was soaking wet and Martina laughed at me, asking why I didn't just call her to get a ride?  She wasn't being rude; you would laugh, too, if you saw this person walking through your door:

Or would you be terrified?  I can't be sure which.
Jan said...

So you're saying the raincoat did not keep you dry, right? How disappointing!!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

No, the raincoat me dry but my face, hands, legs, feet, were soaked. I love the rain coat though!

FräuleinCaroline said...

If this were FB, I would "like" this post. I especially enjoyed the details about your grocery trip and what you purchased. I can just imagine us at Merkur, buying the use, spending no more than 20 EURO... I am curious what your post will be like after SBG...liebe dich!

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