if the sun decided to come out sometime soon, i really wouldn't mind.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

it has rained every day since i've been here.
i am not opposed to less than perfect weather.
in fact, i love the snow. so much.
i think i might prefer austria in the snow
(though i love it all the time).
and i love the rain when i'm inside, reading, sleeping, relaxing, etc.
but going to work in the rain is not so fun.
especially when you have to walk. a lot.
if i hadn't asked for this Spiewak raincoat before i left,
i don't know what kind of shape i'd be in.
it is a life saver.
(thanks parents!)
where is the sun? this time last year i was brown.
and laying out every day at the IK pool!
i'm confused.
oh well, austria, i still love you.

Jan said...

I looked at a 10 day forecast for Vienna and the only day that it's not supposed to rain is next Wed, June 2nd.

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