maybe i should start branching out....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

...instead of eating the exact same meal for lunch every day. For my lunch break, I walk down the street to (surprise!) a Mediterranean cafe....and, in Austria, we all know that this is really just a glorified kebap stand. And therefore I love it. Every day (literally every day), I've gotten the zucchini pita....a kebap pita stuffed with zucchinis (seen below) along with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, yoghurt sauce (like tzatziki) and lots and lots of chili powder (sehr scharf, bitte!).

And then I have to get baklava for dessert. How can you not, when altogether the meal comes to a total of 3 euro 50?

I told myself today that I have to something different tomorrow. We'll see if I hold myself accountable to that.

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