salzburg with steffi

Monday, May 31, 2010

I just happened to be in Salzburg when my friend Steffi stopped by for the weekend.

We ate apfel strudel at Cafe Mozart....

Coincidentally, Salzburg had just won the futball league and we got to see the Meister 2010 celebration in Residenzplatz.

We took a train to Berchtesgaden one day.

....and hiked around Lake Konigsee.

...and saw some of the town as well.

It was freezing!

We tried to go to the Eagle's Nest but it was too cloudy and they weren't taking anyone up the mountain.

Of course I gave Steffi and her friends a tour of Salzburg.

And of course Leopoldskrone was a stop on the tour.
Hope you liked Salzburg, Steffi! I had fun showing you guys around.
Jan said...

That is so neat that people are showing up in Austria to visit!! Wish we were there!!!

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