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Monday, May 10, 2010

24 hours of travel:

* Flew from OKC to Chicago O'Hare, where I (somewhat) enjoyed half a sandwich & a bag of Kettle Cooked Salt&Pepper chips (Julie! They come in mini sizes! Though I am pretty sure I spent more on a little bag at the airport than on a regular bag in Stillwater...)
* After wondering why I have never been seated next to a tolerable human on a plane, I board my flight to Madrid and am seated next to an overly-friendly, super annoying, middle-aged (though dressed like a teenager) French man. He does not stop talking to me for the first 5 minutes.
* After thinking to myself ''This is going to be a long 7 hours'', the flight attendant (bless her soul), senses my annoyance points out an open seat far away from the French man. I fly to Madrid in peaceful solitude, falling asleep before take-off, slightly waking twice for 2 meals, and waking for good before landing.
* Thanks to an aggravating hold-up at security, I miss my flight from Madrid to Vienna. I stop by the Iberia info. desk, where I ask to be added to the next flight to Vienna...which is 8 hours away.
* I frantically try to get a hold of Martina (my roommate in Vienna and ride home from the airport) to let her know of my postponed arrival time. With the help of Kayla in San Diego, I succeed. She says it is fine and she´ll see me tonight.
* I stop by the perfume store to spray myself with a new fragrance (something I do before boarding any flight in any airport...when/if time allows). I choose Juicy Couture this time (in honor of Kayla) and contemplate what to do with my life now that I have 8 hours of free time.
* I notice in a section of chairs at the airport, that there are 2 chairs connected to one another with no arm rest in between. This is a dream come true!!!! This means I can lay down on 2 seats with no obstruction in between. Thanks to the travel pillow my dad gave me, and the fleece blanket Iberia Airlines ''gave'' me, I am able to go to sleep, after setting my alarm for an hour before boarding time (and, for my mother's sake, I will add that I put my purse on under my cardigan -- so that it cannot be removed as long as my cardigan is on -- and put my ankles through the straps of my carry-on so that it cannot be opened as long as I am laying on top of it....there, now you know nothing could have been stolen).
* I wake up when my alarm goes off (after sleeping, like, 6 hours) and realize I am shaking/shivering...which means I am dehydrated and need food. I spend 30 minutes in the bathroom trying to ''wake up'' (I could have easily gone back to sleep) and then choose McDonald's of all places to eat my next meal. (Note: the potato dippers in Austria are incredible...made from local Spain, however, this is NOT the case. Just saying.) My salad was good, though, and so was the Reese's Big Cup given to me pre-departure by Sally.
* Eventually board the plane, sleep my way to Vienna (am I narcoleptic?), stroll through customs, retrieve my luggage, and meet Martina who drives me home to ''our'' apartment!

It should be known than, while typing this post, Rock Me Amadeus is playing in the apartment. That is all you need to know.
Jan said...

Glad you made it but what was the hold up at security? Aren't you glad the flight attendant told you of the empty seat? Love you, miss you, MOM

Jenni Austria Germany said...

hold-up was just a random selection which cost me 10 extra minutes....frustrating...but oh well. and yes i was so happy for the open seat.. i had 2 seats to myself! that never happens to me.

FräuleinCaroline said...

good grief; good sleeping and eating habits? this is the start of a very healthy adventure for you my dear:) the photos are great, i hope you're enjoying yourself!!

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