Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Naschmarkt: where I will be spending every Saturday morning for the rest of the summer.

So many kinds of hummus, so many vegetables, so much fruit (chocolate covered and non-chocolate covered), so many different types of trail mix (my favorite).

So many fresh-pressed fruit juices (with no sugar added).

Various types of Mediterranean cousine, including falafel, of course.

I sampled a little of everything, and loved every bit of it.

It's my new Saturday morning tradition.

If you're in Vienna on a Saturday morning, looking for something to do, you must go.

Jan said...

Oh my gosh, that market looks like the best one ever. I can just see you there!!

Jeneric Generation said...

I want to touch everything! If I were there with you I would demand that we split an entire skewer of chocolate-covered strawberries. Then we would go eat dinner. Followed by dessert.

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