The actual 4th of July / Beyonce's husband

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blogger is not letting me rotate my photos.
I have tried rotating these before uploading
and they are right-side up,
yet when I upload them,
they are sideways.
This happens on Blogger a lot
and it's aggravating.
So if you want to tilt your head
and imagine what these photos should look like,
then be my guest.

Pierce and I went to London
on the actual 4th of July.
We took a bus to the U-bahn,
an U-bahn to the train station,
a train to Salzburg,
a bus to the Salzburg airport,
a plane to London,
a Stansead Express train to the city,
the Tube to the hostel
and walked to Hyde Park.

There, we saw Jay-Z,

This seems fitting for the 4th of July,
as I can think of very few entertainers
who love America (or at least Brooklyn) more than Jay-Z.

However, it was a little odd
experiencing this with the British,
since we (Jay-Z, me, Pierce)
were celebrating our independance from them,
which occurred precisely 234 years ago.

Also, the lyrics "Long live the World Trade"
(of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind)
seemed to make much less of an impact on the British,
we noticed,
whereas it gave me chills from head to toe.

But I loved the concert itself,
and Beyonce was there.

The end.

Jan said...

Interesting, I googled it and didn't know about that. I'm learning so much from you these days!!

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