Cousins in Paris

Friday, August 27, 2010

Aside from the scary things that happened in Paris/tribute to the movie Taken,
I did have fun there.

I've not posted any photos as of late, due to a robbery,
in which my USB drive was one of many things to be stolen.
So, as I no longer have my original photos,
these (low-resolution) copies taken from Facebook will have to suffice.
Bubba was so very thrilled to see me.

This meal made me violently ill --
my first time to be sick all summer.
Bubba filled glasses of water for me
and set them outside the bathroom floor,
while saying things like:
"I hear you throwing up in it Typhoid?"
"This is bringing back carbon monoxide memories, Cousie!"
Then, one day, while walking to work with Bubba,
he got lost.
And we had to stop and look at a map
so that he could get to work on time.
Yes, he had had this job for several months.
And no, he did not yet know his way to work.
As a tour guide,
he lead groups of tourists on walking tours,
biking tours, and Segway tours.
He let me join on a walking tour.

Following the walking tour,
we ate dinner at a Cuban restaurant.

One of the reasons I left Paris a day earlier than I had planned:
every meal cost 20 euro.
Not even exagerrating.
Bubba told me this is normal.
If Vienna were this expensive,
I would have had to go home months ago.

Something nice Bubba did for me:
(why yes, that is an oxymoron)
he took me on a free private Segway tour.

This was very nice
and pretty "once in a lifetime"
because these private tours normally cost over 100 euro
(or something like that, I'm told).

He didn't really teach me how to ride it
because (as he told me) he was hoping I'd fall.
But I didn't fall.
It was actually really fun
and we rode through Paris for a few hours.
I liked going really, really, really fast.

One thing I will mention:
when my family and I were in Paris a few years ago,
my sister wanted our family to do one of these tours
and my mom was afraid she would fall
and I distinctly remember my sister saying,
"These are nearly impossible to fall off".
That is very, very untrue, actually!
I asked Bubba and he told me
that someone falls off on every one of his tours.
At least I didn't!

While I haven't gotten a hair cut just yet
(I have heard they are expensive here),
I have had my bangs trimmed 3 times
(twice, my friend Laura did it
and once, I did it myself).
Thank goodness Erica has special hair scissors here!
But these pictures remind me I need to do that again...

And, as I have mentioned, my favorite part of Paris was seeing Eclipse.
Emma and I saw it on opening day -
in English, of course.
Bubba and Emma are no longer in Paris.
They have returned to the US so Bubba can attend Berkley.
It was fun while it lasted, guys.
Thanks for letting me visit!

Jan said...

Great post. I'm still laughing at Bubba's response about "Is it typhoid or carbon monoxide poisoning?!!" He knows you so well. The segway thing was AWESOME. You are so lucky that you got to do that. Did you think of Ricky Ricardo at the Cuban restaurant?

DiamondGirl said...

You look so at home in Paris Jennifer! The Typhoid comment... OH MY GOSH!!!

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