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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The first thing I did in Poland this time around was make a trip out to the country side to visit our friend Bartok. He invited us all for dinner at her parents' house which is an hour outside of the city in the country. Walking to his house from the bus stop reminded me of “the farm” in Sapulpa. I thought about taking photos. I really did feel like I was in Oklahoma. There were chickens running around and dirt roads and I got a little nostalgic.

Bartok’s parents were so nice and, of course, so hospitable. We got a late start heading to Bartok’s in the first place and with the hour long bus ride, we knew it would be late before we arrived and wouldn’t have much time if we wanted to take the bus back, so Bartok offered us sleeping accommodations. His parents didn’t speak English but they just kept smiling at me and I think I said one or two of my Polish words to them. Their house was so nice and so big – they had more than enough rooms to spare for all of us.

The next morning, Bartok asked us if we wanted to go to Pizza Hut for lunch (Pizza Hut is his favorite restaurant – isn’t that funny?).  Turns out, I was the only one willing and able to go to Pizza Hut, so Bartok and I went there by ourselves.  For the equivalent of 7 USD (the only money I had spent so far), I bought a ticket to the Pizza Hut Pasta Festival: all you can eat pasta. It was so delicious.  After eating for two hours straight (seriously), Bartok and I walked around the city center and he asked me what I wanted to do. I told him that I wanted to look at computers and see if they were cheaper in Poland than in Germany. I had already looked at some laptops the last time I was in Poland but I wanted to check some other places. 

We went to the mall, which I feel like I’ve been 100 times because there is KFC in the mall and all my friends here love these things called KFC B.Smarts (???). It is basically like a fried chicken wrap but why it is called a “B.Smart” and why it is in English is unclear to me. Anyway, Bartok and I went to the mall since it has various computer stores (comparable to Best Buy).  The last place we looked had the Sony Vaio I've been considering; they had hot pink, lime green, black and white. I told them white was the only color that interested me and they brought one out for me to look at. To make a long story less long, here is what I ended up with:

Best part: I finally have a webcam!!!  Skype sessions galore, coming right up.
Jan said...

Yay, And I'm glad the bank raised your credit so you could buy it that next day!!

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