the ABCs of what I miss about Oklahoma

Thursday, October 14, 2010

(inspired by this photo)

I guess when you spend your free time creating lesson plans for young children, you start to do things like this, too:

Aspen Coffee (my college home away from home, where I stuided for every test, wrote every paper, etc. - yes, I actually miss studying)
my Bed in Stillwater (so, so comfortable...and that down comforter was amazing...sigh)
Cloie, who hopefully will NOT be 17 the next time I see her....'s more fun than you realize. (I loved my car).
English. (Speaking, hearing, reading it. I miss that language.)
my Family (parents&grandparents, sisters/brother-in-laws) *see photo above
my German classes (I wish I could go back in time - with the knowledge I have now - and talk all the time as opposed to being scared of making mistakes!)
Haircuts (oh my gosh, walking into a hair salon and explaining what I want done to my hair in English is something I definitely took for granted).
ICE!!!!!! Did you know that ice does not exist in Europe? Well, it doesn't. (Unless you make it yourself, but I can't even think of a place where I've seen ice cube trays for sale).
Jackets (Unfortunately, my 827 jackets could not all be transported from the US to Germany, so....I wear the same 2 here, over...and over...and over).
Kaitlyn/Stella, Maddie, the Clem sisters & other friends...
Luna Lyn(n) ...12 sales in 2 years nearly killed me but I miss it all the time
going to the Movies (subtitles are fine, but under no circumstances can I tolerate dubbing)
Norman...or maybe just Sweet Basil??
Oklahoma State University (I could cry sometimes, I miss it so much)
Playing Super Nintendo (maybe this is something that would go on a "things I miss from my childhood" list, but for some reason I have been missing that old Super NES so much?!)
Qdoba. Moe's. Chipotle. Mexican food in general. (No, there is absolutely NO Mexican food here. None whatsoever. Sometimes I just want chips and salsa, okay?!)
my Room in Stillwater (the biggest room I've ever had/will ever have)
Stillwater (I miss this town more than Norman, ironically).
Target, duh. (Sometimes I forget that places like Target exist somewhere out there in the world).
just the U.S.A in general...when people here ask me which country is better: Germany, Austria or the US, I have to make a conscious effort to wait at least 5 seconds before immediately answering "The U.S." (usually I say something diplomatic like, "I love all of them." which is true, quote Marina & The Diamonds, "I'm obsessed with the mess that's America", sorry!)
family Vacations (really, this is just a disguise for saying, "Silver Dollar City").
the Weather (oh, fall weather in Oklahoma is perfection!!!!)
i don't know, X-rays??? (Actually, that's something I get done in Mexico, not Oklahoma.)
watching You've Got Mail with Kaitlyn & Stella @ 513 Gray St. (which we did on a nightly basis)
going to the OKC Zoo with Ben and Luke (and Maddie) in the middle of summer (103 degrees, to be exact)...(getting paid to play with children&babies was probably the best job I'll ever have)

Despite what this post might suggest,
no - I'm not homesick!
If someone told me
my time in Germany was already up,
I'd probably have a heart attack.
DEFINITELY not ready to leave this place...
...or Europe in general.

And, just to clarify,
I could probably make a much more descriptive list
called "the ABCs of what I do NOT miss about Oklahoma"
but I will refrain. :)

(I could also make the list:
"the ABCs of what I miss about Salzburg")
((But I will also refrain from doing that as well))
(((because there isn't enough blog space in the world for that list)))

Jan said...

Loved the picture. I saw it last night for the first time. I think Jess had just sent it to Janie. Great A-Z assignment!!

Kaitlyn said...

i could make an entire ABCs of what stelly and i miss about jennifer!

DiamondGirl said...

Cloie misses you so much too! And I miss you my darlig Jennifer. But I am so happy you are following your heart and your dreams. I can only hope I can give Cloie the tools she will need to do the same. Your parents have done an amazing job with the gift entrusted to them.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I've been following your blog for a while now but never realized that you had gone to OSU! I'm an alum and I swear I had THE BEST time there! Small world!


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