i am in a car right now

Friday, October 15, 2010

going away for the weekend :)
...meeting up with Erica,
(my Vienna twin & former other half).

i am sitting in a car,
using the internet.
to quote something my mom says all the time,
"isn't technology amazing?!"
i have a wifi stick,
which means i can use the internet
wherever i want.
trains, cars, anywhere.
...just not an apartment in rural bavaria,
where virtually NO signal is received.

i got these gloves in the mail today
from my "oldest sister" darolyn.
i am loving the fact that
i'm still receiving birthday packages
2 weeks after my birthday!

i have to back to work now.
and by "work",
i mean watching kanye's recent SNL performances
on youtube.
really into the monochromatic red look we have going on right now...
Jan said...

Soooo glad you got your package!! We are in Branson right now in the cutest Bed & Breakfast!! I'll send you pictures soon. Love you, MOM

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