some things that have happened to me lately.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1. i got my visa!
this is quite important. this means i can't be deported.
now my passport has 3 visas (2 for austria, 1 for germany)
ask me sometime over the phone
(or in person)
why/how i could have technically been kicked out of germany
during the entire month of september.
(fyi: wasn't my fault!)

2. i accidentally fell asleep at 4:00 pm and woke up at midnight.
yesterday, i got done teaching at 3:15.
it was pouring down rain and freezing
when i came home from school at 4:00.
the internet wasn't working in my apartment
(story of my life)
so i decided to eat some soup
and watch a movie in my bed
(the pursuit of happyness)
((thanks to my mom,
who just sent me a box of my DVDs from home!)).
....i didn't even get through the first scene's credits.
i woke up to my phone ringing at midnight
and had no idea where i was,
what time it was,
what day it was, etc.
i answer the phone and hear:
"jenni? are you okay? i was so worried about you".
...apparently, i missed a few texts/emails/calls
from a certain polish boy
and caused somewhat of a scare.
i've said it before and i'll say it again,
that guy worries more than my own mother.
i then proceeded to fight sleep for the next 5 hours
while editing the paper of one of my tutoring students
and doing lesson plans
(things i should have been doing instead of sleeping for 8 hours).
i slept from 5:00-6:00,
before getting up to start the day.

3. my atm card got eaten by the bankomat
oh, so this is a funny story.
i had to take the bus to school the other day
(as opposed to riding with my friend melanie),
which meant i had to pay 8 euro for a round trip ticket
(and yes, this sucks).
so before the bus came at 7:30,
i walked to my bank
(which does not open until 8:00),
to use the bankomat (or ATM)
and withdraw some funds.
i typed in the correct pin
and, for whatever reason,
it ate my card
(and i know had more than enough funds
to complete the transaction).
had i not had my backup American card with me,
i wouldn't have had enough money for the bus
and would've had to miss a day of work.
funnily enough,
when i went back 2 days later to get it,
i explained what had happened
and they handed it to me immediately.
no questions asked,
no ID needed.
this isn't carelessness.
this is a small town.

4. i got yelled at by my landlady
apparently, i have a maid?
yes, this is included in my rent.
she comes every other thursday.
last week, i stayed up late wednesday night
cleaning for the maid.
i asked myself,
"why are you cleaning for the maid?"
but i just wanted to make her job
as easy as possible.
it wasn't clean enough,
because she told my landlady
that my apartment was unacceptably disorderly.
i know what you're thinking, mom.
but here's the thing -
it wasn't actually disorderly at all.
do you know what "disorderly" means to my landlady?
well, i'll tell you.
it means hanging the grocery bags on the back of the kitchen door
(as opposed to storing them under the sink.)
(heaven forbid a guest be exposed to the eyesore that is a plastic bag!)
it also means not separating your "cooked" compost
from your "non-cooked" compost.
(i sometimes think
 that if germans could re-write the 10 commandments,
each would pertain to recycling.
and i am being 100% serious).
it also means
-and this is the best one-
leaving your shampoo bottles
on the side of the bathtub,
as opposed to hiding them in the cabinet
after each shower.
when i told my german friend/colleague melanie this,
she said,
"what do you mean you keep your shampoo bottles
on the side of the bathtub? we don't do that in germany."
excuse me, germany.
to quote/translate my landlady,
"i don't know how they do it in america,
but in germany you can't just treat your apartment that way!"
oh, i'm sorry.
i thought i was paying half my salary each month
to live in a place
where i can put the shampoo bottles
wherever. i. please.
i can wear them around as a hat if i want to.
this is my apartment!
i didn't actually say these things to my landlady.
why not?
well, that would have been so disrespectful.
also, i don't know how to say those things in german.
(actually, while writing this,
i stopped for a moment
and realized i can say these things in german!
but when i'm flustered/caught off guard,
it's hard to say anything in german,
let alone be witty/smartalec-ish).
i was pleasantly surprised by one thing, though:
being yelled at in german
isn't as scary as you might think!
when there's a 4 second delay
(the time it takes for me to translate most words),
by the time i fully understand everything,
the words have lost some of their edge.
and i quite like that!

Jessica and Patrick said...

I just keep picturing you with a shampoo hat.

Jan said...

What would the landlady think if she came to our house???? I loved the Piotr story with the cordon bleu!! Good comment Jessica!!

DiamondGirl said...

You may remember that my cousin Sandy and her family lived in Germany for several years. She said that after living there and "living" their recycle system that it was QUITE the adjustment to ours since we consider it recycling when we take the paper to the curb!

Anonymous said...

You just LOVE to slag off Germans don't you!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

.....did you read this post at all? If someone moved to my country (USA) and had an experience like this with their American landlord, I would give them every right to complain about it.

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