Best Thanksgiving Ever?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

As Germany is currently under a terror alert,
we woke up on Thanksgiving to this newspaper headline:
Das Gift der Angst translates from German to English as the gift of fear.
Nothing says "Happy Thanksgiving!" like looking at the front page of the newspaper and seeing a German Polizei officer holding a very large gun, standing in front of the Christmas market you are about to visit the following day!

I should mention that my landlords left town right before Kayla arrived. This was perfect. As my apartment is connected to their house, Kayla and I didn't have to worry about being too loud or too lazy (my landlady tends to interpret my occasional lack of activity as "American laziness" in the event that I stay in the house all can be a little frustrating sometimes). But Kayla and I didn't have to worry about being judged if we wanted to sit inside the house for 3 days straight cooking, eating, blaring Christmas music, dancing in our pj's and watching Christmas movie after Christmas movie.
My family always eats Thanksgiving lunch so I was assuming that's what Kayla and I would do. However, we ended up eating a light lunch (homemade tortilla chips and guacamole) instead and having Thanksgiving feast at night....and I'm so happy we did it this way.

As always, I used my mom's recipe for the homemade tortilla chips...never fails!

Clearly, we dressed up for the occasion.
It's outfits like these that, when my landlady knocks on my door to ask me something,
cause her to stare disapprovingly/confused.
There is a story behind this turkey. And I love it. Kayla's family has always used this turkey as a centerpiece for their Thanksgiving meals. Kayla always loved it and one year, she made a paper conversation bubble next to the turkey's mouth that said, "Eat ham!". I don't know why, but that story makes me laugh so hard. I can just see a mini version of Kayla doing that. Oh, goodness. Still laughing....anyway, Kayla's parents recently moved and her mom set the turkey aside so she'd remember to mail it to Kayla!? Isn't that sweet?
Kayla, of course, brought it along with her and we, of course, made it our centerpiece.
Kayla, preparing for the meal:
Now, for the best part of the post: the food.
Kayla made this salad, of which I believe I had 4 servings. Seriously - so good. The lightly toasted pumpkin seeds on top were my favorite part.
Kayla also made these Knödel (basically "bread dumplings"), served with Preiselbeere (the best way to translate this is "cowberry") sauce.
I suppose this is the German version of 1) stuffing and 2) cranberry sauce.
I made these garlic and herb french fries. Erica used to make these for our intern dinners this summer. I've been making them ever since. So good!
Kayla ate Schnitzel, which is obviously typical Bavarian cousine. When my parents were visiting me in 2009, I was so excited for my dad to try it. He took one bite and made a face but kept eating. At the end of the meal, he said, "That tasted just like your mom's chicken fried steak...only not as good". Well, dad, Kayla loves schnitzel. I do not, however, so I ate veggie cordon-bleu and we both had garlic bread; quite the spread for just 2 people.
Bonus: We had leftovers for the next day.

I think this Thanksgiving ties for Best Thanksgiving Ever (next to the 2008 Thanksgiving spent with my sister in Alaska). Sidenote: Sorry, Mom and Dad, that my favorite Thanksgivings have been ones which you've not been a part of?! Blame the beautiful landscapes of Alaska and Germany. :) ...Although, I must say that last year's Thanksgiving was pretty great; I was on a high from having received news of my internship the day before. :)
My plate: I wish I could go back in time and eat it again. That's how good it was.
For dessert: Kaiserschmarrn with powdered sugar and plums.

Cleaning up: Obviously, I chose only the most flattering outfits for this Thanksgiving celebration.

Anonymous said...

okay YUM!! it looks seriously amazing. and i loved reading this post! that paper turkey is looking pretty good after surviving all of those thanksgivings. and that terror alert wouldve scared me slightly too :)

Unknown said...

Lovely thanksgiving!! So fun to spend it being lazy and watching movies and eating (the food looks delish!).

Enjoy your time with your visiting friend!!

Jan said...

The food looked great. And I loved the turkey!! Does Kayla really love Christmas movies as much as you? What a friend!!!!!

k said...

so nice to come across your blog lady! what brought you to germany???
greetings from der schweiz ;)

Kayla said...

I might love Christmas movies even more (seeing as how I brought about 10 with me to Germany)! Oh my goodness, I want to have that same meal again right now!

P.S. not so cute pic of me at the end there... thanks for that ;)

Red Boots said...

That food looks delicious!

AbbieBabble said...

Homemade tortilla chips? That sounds amazing!

k said...

how cool that you are at Uni there! I've lived in Switzerland for about a year now, my husband found a job here so we moved from the US. I'm learning german and should talk back to you in it but I'm lazy today :) I've been to salzburg and a few diff places in germany - I am lovvving the bavarian area (we live outside of luzern)

size too small said...

i love your disapproving landlord stories.

katherine rose said...

hey lady, I am so glad you commented and I saw your blog! I spent three months living in Salzburg when I was in college. i LOVE it there. ok now I am going to go read your sweet blog!

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