i love getting care packages.

Friday, November 26, 2010

thank you jessica and patrick!
(my family in alaska.)

the other day, i looked out of my window
and saw a DSL truck in front of the house.
a man was carrying a package to the door.
i thought, "oh, i wish that package was for me."
but figured it was for my landlords.
whenever i came downstairs
and saw a giant box sitting at the foot of the stairs
addressed to me,
i almost screamed.

 i took every item out of the box so slowly
saying ,"oh my gosh, i love this!"
in response to each little gift.

- 2 boxes cupcake of mix, icing, sprinkles and cupcake paper
(i have not been eating desserts very much here at all
and i crave them all the time!)
- fireweed honey and blueberry jam
(my favorite alaskan products!)
- reese's
(can't get those over here! i miss them dearly.)
- moose-shaped pasta
(any kind of free food is my kind of gift.)
- campbell's soup
(see above subtext.)
- tea & hot cocoa
(it's freeeeezing here so this is necessary.)
- chocolate covered peanuts
(i am saving these for the next time i make trail mix!)
- a sweater
(which i have already worn.)
- a card
(with notes from both of them & polaroids attached.)
- a power bar
(already ate it)

i'd be lying if i said the cupcake mixes weren't my favorite part.
thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan said...

The fact that they sent all that stuff to you is the sweetest thing I've ever seen!! Love you Jessica & Patrick (and Gus)!!

Jessica and Patrick said...

so glad you got it! the power bar and energy stuff were kind of last minute random items that patrick threw in from the kitchen. :) see you soon! <3

Unknown said...

how sweet! unexpected packages (especially when you are far from home and ones that are filled with familiar things you miss) are the best!!!

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