i'm pretty excited about thanksgiving, if you couldn't tell.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1. Seeing Kayla in general
2. Seeing Charles Dickens' The Christmas Carol
at the English Theater in Nuremberg with Kayla
3. Cooking so much wonderful food with Kayla
in my cozy apartment
(which may include these, among other things)
while listening to Christmas music
4. Having a Christmas movie marathon with Kayla
the day after Thanksgiving
while violence erupts in department stores across America
5. Attending the Nuremberg Christmas market with Kayla
(are you seeing a pattern? everything with Kayla!
hence my excitement...)
I am also seriously trying to find a way to fit the Salzburg Christmas market into our itinerary that weekend...maye Sunday? Only because I just found the following images on the Salzburg Christkindlsmarkt Official Site. I am literally dying from pure excitement.

As if Salzburg could get any more beautiful/magical/perfect?!
That fortress kills me.
Please enlarge the last photo.
And then stare for 10-15 seconds.
And then start crying.
At least, that was my reaction.
Kayla said...

SO SO SO excited! Those pictures are beautiful!

Jan said...

The pictures are SOOOOO beautiful. I hope you guys have a blast. Do you have your Christmas movies there?

Lane said...

Oh what gorgeous pictures!

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