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Thursday, November 4, 2010

on the last night of my time in italy, we realized i hadn't eaten any pizza yet and we thought this was kind of tragic. erica took me to her favorite pizza place, where we ordered this pizza (above) and it was HUGE! i don't think this picture does it justice. just notice that the plate next to the pizza is not a saucer but rather a full size serving plate!

we cooked the majority of our meals in bologna which was so fun. erica and i loved cooking together in vienna; we had a lot of fun doing it so we, of course, had some fun cooking nights in bologna. this is not only fun but very economical. i didn't go to the ATM one single time! i was proud of myself. i did spend some money on clothes, though. the shopping in bologna is FANTASTIC! i had made a list of things i really needed, what with winter coming on so quickly in germany. i am pretty excited about my purchases! i did want to buy a couple pairs of boots in italy, which i couldn't bring myself to do. each pair was upward of 60 euro and i just couldn't handle that. maybe i'll find some cheaper pairs in germany....or poland, where everything is 143 times cheaper than anywhere else in the world!

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