Sunday in Salzburg

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Salzburg (as well as most cities in Catholic countries of Europe) shuts down on Sundays. Walking through town is calm and quiet and very few stores or restaurants are open. The weather was chilly but sunny, which is more than I can say for the current weather in Germany (think dark and cold....and darker and colder).

The Salzach
I made sure that our quick visit to Salzburg included a trip to Indigo. I love the curry and sushi there and it tasted just as good as I remembered (though Kayla laughs at me saying I eat "sushi", since it's really the avocado/feta roll).
Mozart everywhere...even if in the form of a seemingly rubber (but actually ceramic) duck.
The only thing more popular than Mozart in Salzburg is The Sound of Music. Here is the real Maria Von Trapp (a photo of a photo) standing in front of Leopoldskrone. Looks a little different than Julie Andrews, doesn't she?
Chelsea Finn said...

Your life seems so amazing! How fun all of this must be! Where are you originally from?

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Jan said...

Salzburg looks so different with the streets bare. I love the Mozart Duck!!

Lindsay said...

hi! I just clicked to your blog from Cup of Jo comments and wow I am so happy to see these beautiful pictures of my favorite places. Austria is perfect. So is Switzerland! Funny bc my daughter is watching Sound of Music right now so I am really missing Austria at the moment, haha! thanks. - lindsay

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