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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In February 2009, Kayla and I were lucky enough to attend a free pastry tasting at Cafe Schatz. We returned to Cafe Schatz a few times throughought the semester, though it was only ever known as "Pastry Tasting". For example, "Hey Jenn, after you get out of class, do you want to go to Pastry Tasting and get a treat?". I don't think I knew it even had a name for the longest time.
The picture below was taken during said pastry tasting or, as Kayla referred to it, "one of the best hours of our lives". I have one thing to say about this picture: How young do we look?!?!?!? Good gosh. Babies.
We returned to Cafe Schatz last weekend (though, sadly, not for a free pastry tasting session). As we were musing over the pastries, trying to decide what to order, I was thinking, "All of these look so good. I wish I could remember which one I liked the best". Just as that thought popped into my head, Kayla said, "You love the Haustorte". We ordered an Apfelstreudel and a Haustorte and split them both. Kayla was right - the Haustorte was my fave!
Again, may I repeat: how young do we (meaning me and Sandy in this case) look here?!?! This photo was also taken in February 2009 and, funnily enough, was the first photo ever taken of Kayla and I together...even though she is only roughly visible, holding up a peace sign in the background.
Here, in the same spot, is an older version of Kayla. I love this picture.
Jan said...

You guys do look SO young. And those pastries look delicious.

Lindsay said...

yummy! too bad its not a free pastry tasting every time we'd go :( but its still just as good! that last picture of Kayla is beautiful! i love it!

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