we had to leave salzburg

Thursday, November 25, 2010

so we headed back to rosenheim, where we ate this pizza:
it was so good.
then kayla walked me to the train station
and i took a train back to nuremberg.
unfortunately, all our weekend taught me was one thing:
i don't think i'm done living in salzburg yet.
in fact, i think i need to move back there someday.
preferably someday soon...ish.
Jan said...

The pizza looked fantastic!!

Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh that pizza seriously looks soooo good!! yum yum yum! and i just ate a massive dinner but i still want to eat that pizza!

em.me.ma said...

hahha you really should viist niagara falls!
theres a reason its one of the 8 wonders of the world!

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

oh my! that skirt is too adorable! i heart the gold buttons.

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