conversations in a cemetery

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the other day, i was in erlangen with my friend andy. we were walking to the gym (where we are both members). i made him take the "long, pretty way" so we could enjoy the snow. when we came across a cemetery, i insisted that we make a detour. he kept complaining, "why are we walking through a cemetery when we are supposed to be working out..." and i said, "my dad loves cemeteries, too" as if that were supposed to persuade him? in america, i find them creepy, but in europe, i find them charming.

as we were walking through, he asked me if i had seen the new harry potter movie yet. i said, "no, i've actually never seen the movies, but maybe i will someday". he said, "wait, aren't you so obsessed with the books, though?" i answered yes and before i could explain he said, "but are you afraid the movies would ruin the images in your head?" and i said "yes, exactly". he said, "yeah, i love the movies but i totally, totally understand that". i like it when people say that instead of, "that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard". he then asked me, "do you think after you re-read the series a couple more times, your imagination will be immune to alteration?". i said, "quite possibly, but i'd rather not risk it after what happened to my babysitter's club characters once that movie came out in 1996".

and i leave you with that quote.
and some pictures of a cemetery.

^ the whomping willow, perhaps?
Susana said...

Loved the pics and enjoyed the conversation!


Anonymous said...

never been at 'snow' place before..really want to go to europe or any other places to experience others culture.. :(

Rach said...

You are right, much more charming there.

Thanks for your sweet comment, I too Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, especially that song, its been in my head for about a month now...and I am still not annoyed:)

I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about living in Europe? My husband and I (and the two girls) are planning on moving to The Netherlands in 1 to 2 years, and I would love some real advice from an real american girl living in Europe! No pressure, and its not a big deal if you cant.

Sweet blog, I LOVE all the pictures!


Jessica said...

I kinda wish I had never seen the movie.
Sometimes the characters in my books are so much better in my head. :)

sarah said...

You know, you are kind of like Stacey with your own Polish Luca.

"He's been to Europe"
"He's FROM Europe"

Unknown said...

"do you think after you re-read the series a couple more times, your imagination will be immune to alteration?"

GOOD POINT that I have never thought of. And really I don't think it's worth taking the chance too.

vintch said...

oh yes.

the babysitter's club. i have every single book (even the really thick ones that had white covers and were like, twice as long as the usuals.)

then the movie! kristy was NOTHING like i imagined (but then again, i think i imagined MYSELF as her haha).

however, that movie did do one thing: make me want rachel leigh cook's short bob haircut. didn't look quite the same on me:)

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i love graveyards! they're so hauntingly beautiful and mysterious. these photos are GORGEOUS!

meg fee said...

i'm totally, totally with you on the whole babysitters club thing!! i loved, LOVED those books. LOVED. the movie...burgh. there's one in australia that i'll never forget.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are literally from Harry Potter 7 the movie. Seriously! Wow.

I've only ever seen the movies, so I am opposite of you. I really like how they did the 3rd movie. I want to read the books. I hear there is so much detail and that they're soo good.

Who is your favorite character?

k said...

girl don't worry, the movies didn't alter my image at all!

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