Wouldn't it be funny if i were still talking about Christmasy things in the middle of January?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i flew home for Christmas!
i hadn't been home (to the US of A) in 8 months.
that means i hadn't seen my family (or friends) in 8 months.

my trip home was....eventful, to say the least.

let's just say that i have never had a bad experience flying.
i fly a lot, i think...
mostly becaues flights here (in europe) are super cheap.
i actually love flying!....
and (i know this is weird) i love turbulance.
i know, i know...it horrifies my parents
to think that i am this strange.
but i love the feeling of turbulance.
the thing is:
i love the feeling of movement...
falling asleep in a car, on a bus, on a train...
that is so relaxing to me.
and on smooth plane rides
it feels like you are just sitting...immobile...motionless.
i love turbulance.
it makes me sleepy.

okay, moving on.
i flew from munich to chicago
and everything was fine.
in the chicago airport...
the customs line was so long
that when i first saw it,
i literally gasped and stopped dead in my tracks
and honestly considered turning around and walking away
(until i realized i had nowhere to go).

waiting in line for customs took an hour,
re-checking my bags/security took another hour
and i got to my gate as the plane was taxiing away.
and despite my attempts
(aka my at-first-calm-and-rational-plea-turned-good-old-fashion-temper-tantrum),
i was not allowed to board.

i have blocked the majority of the next 9 hours from my memory
but i can tell you this much:
i hate the chicago airport.
a stupid, mean, horrible, vile chiacgo airport employee woman made me cry.
i was told i was going to have to wait 24 hours
for the next flight to okc.
and the worst part was
i was in chicago for all that time
and never even saw kanye west.

but i did fly home 9 (very long) hours later on standby.
and for that, i am so thankful!
i will pay $400 more for my next flight home
if it means avoiding that airport;
the worst, most inconveniently designed airport
of. all. time.
and my dad, who is the most intelligent engineer
of the last 4 decades/ever
has confirmed this.

but then i went to stillwater,
one of my favorite towns on earth
and saw my best friend
(/former roommate)
and we ate at one of my favorite restaurants ever.
ever, ever, ever.
(and i've eaten at a ton of restaurants all over the world!)
((and by ''world'' i mean: america + europe))

when kaitlyn and i lived together,
we would walk to this restaurant
(okay, let's be honest, we walked, like twice, and usually drove)
1-3 times a week.
not even exagerrating in the slightest.

to be back there - with her - was heaven!
oh and, out of the 100s of times i've eaten there,
i've never gotten anything other than this salad.
it. is. to die for.

*i apologize for the poor quality of the iphone photos....i was asked by every person i photographed why i wasn't using the hipstimatic app.... excuse. me.
Sara Lee Bentley said...

So, you like turbulence? Can't say that I've ever heard that one before!
You time back home sounds like fun :)

Ima said...

I am so jealous of you and other people who live in Europe. I wish I was too, so I can go to another Europe countries easily :(
Anyway, yes sometimes airport sucks. But thank God everything turned out fine :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

yes, i did thank God...a LOT :)

Megan said...

oh my goodness I would throw the biggest tantrum if that happened to me at an airport..you poor poor thing..that is just so awful. I HATE crappy airports..and crappy people.

So glad you didn't have to wait 24 hours..although 9 hours is brutal as well..

Jealous you got to go home and eat some good ol american food.

Kayla said...

Haha, I just told my mom a couple weeks ago that I like turbulence (unless it is really bad like my flight today!) because, like you said, it kinda mixes things up and lulls you to sleep a little.

Faith said...

Sorry about your airport experience! Was it O'Hare or Midway?

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

If it were up to me... we would talk about Christmas things, all year round!

k said...

yay for book smelling!
And I went home too! But, thankfully I got to stay in Chicago. And I flew to Midway so I got to avoid the horribleness that is O'hare. Especially since they have lost track of my bags like the last 5 times I've been there. I have plenty of horror stories about that airport!!

alexandra grecco said...

lovely blog!



Jan said...

I loved it that you came home for Xmas, I hated it that you missed your plane, I hope you are never in BAD turbulance (just the mild kind), I'm so glad you got to see Kaitlyn and I LOVE that salad that you get in Stillwater!! (How's that for a COMPLETE summary of your latest post!!)

Anonymous said...

hahaha you are hilarious!! i loved this post. and i heard flying into chicago is the worst thing ever. makes me not want to visit such a magical city!!

and girl, you gotta get hpstamatic! it's the best. haha :)

Studio 13 said...

Mmmm.. your salad looks great, but her fries look ah-maz-ing. Now all I can think about is eating fries for lunch.

AbbieBabble said...

Ugh. That sounds like an epically terrible series of flights. Glad you made it home for such a lovely visit, though!

kELLY said...

we travel a lot and I LOVE AIRPORTS. but we HATE.HATE the chicago airport. you're right. it sucks. big time.

i have that app and i rarely use it... :\ i better get on that!

its simple love said...

Oh how awful! I will not go back to the Dallas Airport for similar reasons... That's the worst. Glad you were able to come home and see everyone though!


Nuha said...

I had the same problem at the Chicago airport too, except we were 30 mins before take off. Its actually a fun airport, just sucks when youre late! But I'm glad you had a good Christmas with your friends and family!

Jessica said...

I have no idea what a histimatic app is... Haha! But your pics look great to me. ;)

this free bird said...

flying is brutal enough as it is never mind at the holidays with weather patterns, rude airport people, mobs of patrons, customs lines...oh how i feel your pain. i feel this same way about the seattle airport. i love seattle, but if i have to fly through and connect there suffice it to say NO WAY - i miss my plane every time and inevitably pitch a fit somewhere. ugh!!


Jan said...

Oh man, I'm not a fan of O'Hare either. I've travelled all over the place and have never encountered such a poorly laid out airport with confusing screen to misguide you where you're supposed to be. Glad you made it back home safe and sound in the long run.... :)

Kaylia Payne said...

Oh my, that's crazy that you like turbulence!!! You poor thing, those airport people sound awful. My friend had a similar experience when she got stuck at an English airport at Christmas. I'm glad the rest of your trip was fun, it must have been lovely to see everyone again :)

LL said...

EVERY time I fly through, something goes horribly wrong! I swear, that airport is cursed... Which is a shame, because I think they might have the best food courts of any airport I've ever been to. ;) xo, LL

Becky | Apples of Gold said...

I WISH I were a turbulence lover like you! That would make my life completely complete. =] Sadly, such is not the case... my hands get clammy & my heart starts doin' the fox trot whenever turbulence hits. It's one of the worst things ever. Glad someone likes it though! =)

Anonymous said...

so i TOTALLY know what you mean about loving movement. i love the relaxing feeling that riding in a train/subway/car gives.

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

I had a similar experience... my flight on Christmas day was cancelled so the 1.5 trip became 10.5... totally missed most of the Xmas celebrations with BFs family!


Renee said...

the food looks delicious ;)

ching said...

i can still feel the christmas feeling at january too.haha

rebecca said...

all that food looks AWESOME.

Mighty Burns said...

lol ok let me tell you girl, I went from Az to NY a few years ago and became sooo ill in that very airport lol. Rude airline people were also included in this trip so I. Hear. That :)

Laura said...

You don't know how happy reading that you like turbulence made me. Bumpy flights are the BEST for sleeping. You know, the mother plane rocking her little passengers to sleep. And you explained it perfectly. We had a ridiculous flight out of Dehli on Sunday...

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