"so....do you have any american food here?"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

europe is great.
obviously, i think so...
...or else i would've moved home by now.
but sometimes (and only sometimes)
i miss american food.
and by "american food",
i mean
processed, sugary, artificially flavored, absolutely-no-good-for-you crap.
...junk food, if you will.

when i spent the weekend with taylor and her husband in mannheim,
i stayed at their house on base
(her husband is in the military).
we walked into their house and i realized...
their cabinets must be stocked with american food.
after all,
they shop at the commissary,
which exists to make soldiers and their wives
feel at home in a foreign country
by providing them with their american grocery needs.

taylor said to me me,
"of course we have american food! what would you like?"
my first response was,
"graham crackers and milk. do you have that?"
sure enough, she did.
she watched as i ate the graham crackers and milk like cereal
and politely commented,
"oh, wow. i don't think i've ever seen anyone do that before..."
i forget sometimes that this isn't normal.
all i have to say in regards to that behavior is:
i am my father's daughter.

moving on...

after that little snack,
i wanted cookies;
chocolate chip cookies (also with milk).
no, not the kind made from scratch...
the kind made from a betty crocker mix, of course.
taylor had that, too, thank goodness.

moral of the story:
sometimes, it's just plain necessary
to forego the organic, fresh produce and whole foods europe has to offer
and take a little cullinary trip back to america
(aka the most obese country in the world)
and it's for this exact reason
that when my mom sends me care packages from home,
i can eat the bag of chex mix in one sitting.

oh, and did i mention this weekend was so fun?

Megan said...

this post means a lot to me...because i am obsese american...okay not really...clearly..BUT when people ask what do i want in a care package..i say..


most important food group. obviously. then i ask them to ship me taco bell, carls jr, in n out, del taco, el pollo loco, and fruity pebbles.

only the fruity pebbles can be shipped.

whos great idea was it to BAN sugary cereal?!

im starving.

NKriste said...

I have a friend in South Korea who is teaching English. This post makes me wonder if she misses American food. haha I know I definitely would. I would be asking for starbursts in a care package.

Anonymous said...

luckily for you, america is no longer the most obese, i just read that the title has been moved to either kuwait or UAE!

Megan said...

ps when you come stay with me for a weekend or five..is it okay if we only eat food from iceland? (he market not the country) because im pretty sure i cant get enough of their frozen pizzas and fried chicken strips..it tastes SO american.

im joking obviously...

but not really...

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

Really? I feel like there's just as much crappy junk food here as there is in America.. I just choose not to buy it, ha!

And, yup... like M said, America is no longer the most fat nation in the world!

k said...

we have our friends bring us brown sugar and chocolate chips so we can make cookies!!!! i should make some NOW!

Brenna [fabuleuxdestin] said...

yay american baking!!! miss it!

Jan said...

Yes, yay for American baking!! Love the graham crackers and milk!! Taylor looks the very same - so cute.

Chelsea said...

you two are too cute!!!! i love cooking with girlfriends.

Kym @ Travel Babbles said...

Hahaha I can COMPLETELY relate -- I just flew back to the states and came back to Germany with 49.6 pounds of American JUNK food ;) Currently? We have a funfetti cake in the oven! wooohoo!

LL said...

The last time i binged on "American Food" was freshman year of college.. (And I mean the ENTIRE freshman year of college.) Next time you get the urge... try eating mini oreos and milk like cereal. Warning: You might die of happiness. Oh my goshh... Funfettiiii!

ali v. said...

that was what I struggled with when I studied abroad....I lost a ton of weight {despite being surrounded my crazy amounts of bread and cheese in France} because I missed my JIF peanut butter and cookies. I can TOTALLY relate to this post! hang in there, my dearest--hope you relished every bite! xoxo {av}

Alex Obering said...

Someday soon will you please go to Hallstatt, kiss the ground for me and put some pictures up. that would just be great. :)

Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

I have been a vegetarian for 22 years and almost always eat organic and whole foods, but after I spent a few weeks in Europe, the first thing I did when I landed back here was get french fries from McDonalds at the airport (I never, ever eat there). It was pretty funny. :)


leigh ann said...

Hahahaha. I LOVE this. I didn't even realize -- as I just had Girl Scout cookies & Cheese-Its for dinner.
I can't wait to travel to Europe -- but I'm make sure that I pass the necessities!
<3 leigh

this free bird said...

good for you girl. EAT.UP! i would've been a hot mess!


mj said...

ha ha. I totally feel you. I love the fatty processed bad for you foods that only america can offer.

Unknown said...

you guys are adorable! gotta love care packages ;)


Mighty Burns said...

oh man I used to eat that all the time when I was little. its so bomb. I wish was had less of that food around here.. but I am sure I'd go a out of my way to eat some junk if I was without it lol

Ashley said...

Grahams and Milk is my fav! They are seriously the best snack everrrr. :) Glad you had a chance to get a little taste from home! xox

potpie du monde said...

Definitely seems like a fun filled weekend! :) great post btw!

Kate said...

I can definitely relate! Only my parents don't send care packages (eh, we're cheap) so sometimes I just dream about all the things I will cook/eat when I move home.

Don't you love when people ask you what typical American food is? I'm always like, "um...cheese burgers and junk food?"--because really all our other food comes from somewhere else!

Kaylia Payne said...

That's so great that she had all of that stuff!!! I was the same when I lived in America. I missed Australian food SO much. We might not be as into the sugar, but boy do we love salt.

Brissa said...

graham crackers + milk is one of my favorites.

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