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Thursday, March 31, 2011

i taught a lesson at school today
and the theme was "london".
i did a little presentation
using photos from the first time i ever went to london
(with my parents/sisters).
it was a 5th grade class (the year they first start learning english).
none of them had been to london before
so i thought they'd really get a kick out of my photos;
abbey road*, platform 9 3/4, buckingham palace, hyde park,
hampton court palace, double decker buses, etc.
what did they want to talk about the whole time?
how pretty my sisters are.
what are their names?
how old are they?
where do they live?
do they speak german, too?
maybe next time i'll just do the lesson on my sisters.

* i was so surprised by how many of students recognized abbey road! these kids were born in 2000 and they still know the beatles.  it made me so very happy.
AGTG said...

i seriously thought the one of the left was you. i was so confused.

AGTG said...

the one on the left*

Holly said...

what cute girls!

Jessica and Patrick said...

wow, i need to hang out with more fifth graders! by the way, there was a segment on npr yesterday about the country western music and line dancing phenomenon in germany. have you experienced this?

Jenni Austria Germany said...

jessica....i have no idea what you are talking about but i kind of feel like that's something i might love.

Candice said...

Aww you three are so beautiful! Sister love is awesome! :)
Those kids are so funny!; I can't believe they all love the Beatles!

christine donee said...

obviously platform 9 3/4. you are my hero.

Design Elements said...

cute girls!

liebe Grüße

Emily said...

Cute! I know of Abbey Road too. :) Haha.

Kaylia Payne said...

You are all so cute!!

Jan said...

LOVE this post. Love my 3 girls!! The 5th graders sound so sweet!! I loved the way they knew the Beatles!! (London was SO much fun.)

LL said...

Awww... I want seesters. See! Americans aren't the only ones obsessed with other peoples lives.

Wanna hear a secret? I am starting to get the itch to live abroad...

Mighty Burns said...

thank goodness! I know some people who are older then me and cant pick out their songs.. sad it makes my soul so so sad!

Barbara said...

so cute :)

Unknown said...

you're all beautiful!

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