sometimes europe isn’t the greatest place to live

Friday, March 25, 2011

because when your family lives in america,
you just don't get to see them that often.
my mom emailed me this photo today
of her birthday party yesterday.
my sister made this cake
(it's says "whoooo's 56?")
and my mom is wearing the necklace i gave her
as a birthday gift!
i can't look at this photo and not smile.
there are times i get very sad
that i'm so far away from my family.
someday, someday....
i'll live there again.
but until then,
i'm still here
and loving it
(99% of the time).


and for the record:
i know that you don't wear a swimsuit in saunas
(regardless of where you live in the world)
but i've been to saunas in america
in which you are allowed to wear a towel
(being naked underneath).
what i was referring to in this post
is that i was told (by an employee at the aquapark)
that i had to remove my towel completely
if i wanted to stay inside the sauna
(this also played a role
in my walking out 30-60 seconds after entering).
and call me conservative,
but when a room full of naked polish men is staring at me,
the last thing i want to is remove my towel and be naked.
(this applies for any nationality of men, come to think of it...)
just getting that straight.
okay, done.
Taylor said...

i can't imagine how you wouldn't miss home once in a while. i am actually preparing to be very homesick when i go abroad (for only 5 weeks!!). i am so nervous i'll not have good internet service and be cut off from my family. :(

Jan said...

I can't wait until you are back in America!!!!

this free bird said...

i can totally relate to this so much. all my fam is in canada and i only see them a couple times a year. when my bro and his fam are at my parents' place or vice versa i really question what the hell i'm thinking living so far away. you only get one life and years go by so fast. how does the bf feel about america?


Anonymous said...

That cake is adorable!

A "cheery" disposition said...

What a great cake. i could not imagine living far away from my parents... 5hrs is enough for me.

Megan said...

the idea of co-ed saunas kinda freak me out.

and you HAVE to remove your towel??? ew.

boobies and penars. (thats what i call them)

i didnt NEED to say it. but i kinda wanted to.

Rini said...

Jenni, I can so relate to that Sauna thing. It's the same here in Bavaria, you know? Went to the Erding Thermal Spa, which was SO much fun, but I didn't use the Sauna, no Sir. First of all I don't get it why there are no separated Saunas, women/men? Then, people were butt baked in there! Sorrry for not wanting to be drooled over by complete strangers! :(

P.S. I don't know of we live close, maybe we should meet for some coffee or stuff, if you wish...just a thought :) Have a happy weekend!

Rini said...

Get out! I was born there! Oh my!
I live 40km eastern of Munich, in the country, but I don't come to Nuremberg that often...We can work something out though, I'm sure. My e-mail address is :)

Tanja Aden said...

Love this. So cute. your mom is adorable. this post touches me.

JacPfef said...

1. That cake is the best thing ever. I mean EVER.

2. You're gorgeous.

That's all. Happy Saturday :)

Anonymous said...

you are totally justified - i don't think i could ever take off my towel in a sauna full of men!

Brooke T said...

aww happy belated birthday to your mom! and i love that she wore your necklace and sent it to you!

Brissa said...

there is officially something i can call too spicy. european saunas. eesh.

Kaylia Payne said...

Aww that's a bit sad. I hope you're feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

really cute necklace!

Unknown said...

totally normal to miss fam like that! especially on birthdays, I think that's the hardest!


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