summary of the past few weeks

Saturday, April 2, 2011

  1. i got out of a terrible living situation and moved into a place i really like (praise God!).
  2. in order to furnish my new place, i spent the day in ikea and had way more fun than any normal person should have on a home-decor shopping spree (i didn’t even spend that much money, either!).
  3. spring time is nearing, which means the sun now rises at 6:30 am and sets at 8:00 pm (which is a much-needed improvement from the 8 hours of daily sunlight we used to get here).
  4. one of my best friends, caroline, came to visit me for a month (a month!).
  5. she and i traveled to salzburg…..twice in one month (once a month is never enough).
  6. i took her to poland and she fell in love with the food, the people (especially piotr and his family) and the cute little city of wroclaw.
  7. we flew to spain (remember?) and enjoyed even better food…sorry, poland.
  8. i spent a an all-expenses-paid week in berlin for a work conference (and didn’t have internet at the 4 star hotel there – what year is this, anyway?).
  9. despite my “one episode a day” ration rule (which may or may not have been frequently broken), i’m already on season five of HIMYM and am dreading the fast approaching “caught up” point.
  10. lindsay of lindsaylou creations mailed me the sweetest gift; this custom-made headband - seen in the photos below - which i wore, like, 10 days in a row (i had to eventually give it a rest since i feared people would begin to wonder if i did, indeed, have a forehead).

{it looks a little better and less falling-off-my-head when i haven’t just awoken from a nap during a 5 hour car ride to berlin}
i have yet to post about the aforementioned happenings 1-10 because that, my friends, is what the month of april is for. believe me when i say that there are many, many, many photos (and stories….oh, the stories) to come.
*as of late = the past 5 weeks
TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

Oh styling with that! Praise geebus for getting out of a bad living situation, for reals. Jealous of your expenses paid trip to Berlin, love that city. But glad you had a good week and weekend :) Keep having one!

Ahn said...

so basically you have been busy traveling europe. super jeal.

Dilan Dilir said...

great post,cute pics :D

emily g. said...

whoa whoa whoa! I'm a little hurt (in the heart region) that you did not mention your AWESOME friend who went to Ikea with you! Especially since she is an Ikea extraordinaire/tour guide/unofficial spokesperson

Jenni Austria Germany said...

now, now, emily. worry not, there will be an entire post dedicated to our ikea trip......krapfen included.

meg fee said...

when i come can we go to salzburg, berlin, spain, and ikea as well?!

Renée said...

Can't wait to see more photos! Yay for new/better living situations AND a shopping spree in Ikea. JEALOUS!!! I want to come visit you so you can be my tour guide for reals. Lets do it. :) Happy weekend! xoxo

Mimi said...

yay for all of these! i am especially happy about numbers 1 and 2. :D

<3, Mimi

Maggy said...

that's one of the best lists I have seen in a while :) looking forward to reading!

Renee said...

looking forward to see all your photos!

Mallory said...

this post is adorable! sounds like you are having an amazing time travelling :)



Brooke T said...

aw cute pictures! and I am so glad that you got out of your situation and a plus is shopping at IKEA!

Anonymous said...

so i LOVE how many places you've been able to travel in just FIVE weeks! so awesome.

Anonymous said...

u have an ineteresting appearance
i look t ur blog
and must say -wow))

started to follow u baby
it will be great, if u will answer me in following and do it too <33

Jan said...

Cute headband!! Glad Spring is here and things are looking up for you!!

kate said...

yes, i'm with meg! when i can come experience all of these places too?!

oh, and obsessed with HIMYM. it was a sad day, when my husband i and got caught up.

pst.. thanks for you nice comments!

Han said...

I love that hair band it's awesome :)

this free bird said...

Congrats on #1 (and of course #2). A bad living situation is suckola, and makes finding a new one all the sweeter!


Lindsay said...

Okay, can you just be my official model for everything I make... pretty please?! I might actually end up losing money shipping items back and forth to Germany, but it's a nice thought. ;) You look fabulous in the headband! Glad you've enjoyed it.

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

Oh, I think IKEA has that affect on everyone! : )

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