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Thursday, April 7, 2011

first off,
let me just say that since i don't have a car here (duh), public transportation is the only way to go (figuratively and literally). oh, and yeah, you can also walk places (am i right, megan? am i right?).

with that said,
when i lived in salzburg, i got a student discount on a Monatskarte (month-long bus pass) and paid only 24 euro! when i lived in vienna, it was a bit pricier - i paid 50 euro (but this was understandable since i could use it to ride not only buses but the u-bahn and strassenbahns). okay, remember those prices. you'll need to recall this information in a paragraph or two.

rewind to sept 2010, when i was being orientated into training for my year of teaching in bayern (bavaria). they told us, "of all the 16 german states, those of you placed in bayern will have the hardest time with your finances, as it is the most expensive".

fast forward a little bit to my arrival in bayern. lo and behold, they weren't lying when they said it was expensive. a bus pass here? well...let's just say it costs more per month than my salzburg and vienna passes combined. i spent september - march (that's 6 months, people) wishing that i had enough money to add a bus pass to my monthly budget. but i wasn't willing to sacrifice my "weekend travel" money. so instead of buying one, i woke up extra early to ride to school with colleagues and stayed much later than necessary in order to get free rides home (which, by the way, reminds me  of how incredibly nice my colleagues have been). i rode the bus rarely (my daily commute to school costs 10 euro, roundtrip; see what i mean about expensive?). and i envied every person who stepped on and flashed their green badge (bus pass, but badge sounds cooler) at the bus driver.

when i moved into my new place (and started paying half of what my old place cost), everything changed.

i have a bus pass i have a bus pass i have a bus pass i have a bus pass.

fsfskjekrjtherkhkjrht. !!!!

after standing in line, filling out forms, submitting a passport-sized photo and using my university of salzburg ID to be elgible for the student price (because no, that actually hasn't expired yet), i purchased what is now my most prized, precious possession.  {i should add that in salzburg & vienna, getting a bus pass required walking into a tabak shop, paying the cashier money and then walking out….a little easier.}

and you better believe when i step on the bus now and flash this "badge" at the driver, i'm loving it.
i wasn’t kidding when i said it’s the littlest things in life that make me so, so, so happy.

top left photo: trying to emulate the creepy passport photo/just not doing the creepiness justice

Becca said...

you are too cute. congrats on the bus pass, helps me to remember to be grateful for the little things.

Holly said...

life really is about the little things, right?!

Brenna [fabuleuxdestin] said...

That's so weird it's more expensive than in Vienna and Salzberg! I think the bus pass in Verdun is something like 20 euro a year ? Haha but you don't need to take the bus my longest walk to school is only 30 mins! CONGRATS soon you'll known each driver by name ;)

Candice said...

Yay!!! You're so cute! I love when the little things seem to make life so much better! :)

arielle elise. said...

that's awesome!! congrats on the little bus pass ;) very sweet!

Rini said...

Oh yeah babyyyyyyyyyyyy! I know what you mean about Bavaria being pricey! And Munich is even pricier then Nuremberg. But I'm so happy you gots your badge now!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy rides honey, happy rides. :)

Jessica said...

Weee!!! Congrats. Hahaha

k said...

congratulations my dear, i am happy for you!! haha :)

Abby said...

It is amazing how happy little things can make us! I love it!

Chelsea Finn said...

Haha. I love how you can be interesting just talking about buss passes.
But that is awesome!! I will probably understand how you feel when I move to Philly in August for college and have only public transportation. I've never used it before!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Megan said...

Hahaha. Oh my gosh, I can't imagine not having a car to drive around in. It's weird how cars are such a necessity for every single person in America. No wonder our pollution is insane.

You are so adorable...I love those cute pictures!

Renee said...

You are so adorable, but that it is really expensive!! So happy you have one now ;) have a great weekend!

Whitney said...

I don't even need a bus pass.

But that makes me want one. Oh so very bad.

Jan said...

Love the bus pass. So glad you got it. I know you will use it alot!!!

Unknown said...

ah congrats! I have always wanted a bus pass ;) so jealous of your world travels!


Dearest Lou said...

congrats love! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog i'm glad you commented because i found you! yayyy i love new blogs. well if you like my blog you should def follow me back i would appreciate it!

Harley said...

We are officially living vicariously through you. We both spent the summer in Vienna and miss it terribly.


Anonymous said...

great blog
thanks for the sweet comment on the blog.
hope you'll follow :]

love m.
keep in touch.

Taylor Ann said...

No, that is a BIG deal. So jealous you get to travel! have fun with that :)

Unknown said...

Aww. This is so cute. The little things in life make me happy as well!

Gertrude said...

Transport fees suck! And those are super expensive fees. Makes me feel bad for complaining about our transport fees, when actually they are really cheap. Glad you got the bus pass :)

Tanja Aden said...

Congratulations :)
I love seeing the word BAYERN.

Ahhh makes my heart melt and takes me to childhood :)

Hope your doing good girly!

Ashley said...

im so jealous! how cool that you are living in europe -jealous!!! that bus pass is amazeballs!

meme-and-he said...

oh my...I am so glad we met in this blog world, I am loving your blog! Your life is such a fun adventure!!

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

having a buspass rules! I have one to and it's so much easier! I can get EVERYWHERE! x

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