we watched the royal wedding in germany

Saturday, April 30, 2011

so it’s pretty much like we were there at westminister, right alongside the beckhams.


and now i will provide some “live” commentary, courtesy of lindsay and myself.
“i wanna fast forward this.  why does it have to be live?” -- me
“she looks so much like lauren conrad.” – me
“prince harry’s hair is so silly.” -- lindsay
“that’s a stupid hat.  that’s a really stupid hat.  why are all these hats so stupid?” -- me
“she really does look like lauren conrad!” – lindsay
“isn’t this the song from home alone?” -- me
“is that katy perry?” – lindsay
“prince harry is my favorite.  i want to be his princess.” – me
“this song is stupid.” -- lindsay
“remember when prince harry was a nazi?” -- me
“another prayer?” -- lindsay
“another song?” – lindsay
“are they falling asleep?  -- lindsay
“can this be over?” – me
in closing:  kate middleton’s a doll, her dress was perfection, harry’s a gem, the lindt easter chocolates we ate for breakfast while watching were delicious, david beckham is so charming, i’m very glad i wasn’t in london yesterday because just looking at that crowd gave me a headache…and so glad we didn’t have to wake up at 5am to watch this.  i knew being in this time zone would pay off one day.
Dree said...

Haha, your commentary was priceless! I NEED to be Harry's princess, I've decided. Except I'd want my wedding dress to be Kate Middleton's, so is that a bad idea? I totally have to agree with you about the time zone thing - how lucky were we to get up like normal and watch it?!


sarah nicole said...

Haha! If I could have watched it with you, then I would have watched it. : )



Jan said...

Yes being in that time zone would have been great. I was up early to catch my flight to Denver and got to see the wedding. I not only loved Kate's dress but also her sister's was beautiful!!!

choose to be happy blog said...

haha yall are soo lucky! i was up at 4 am in Atlanta and watched the wholeee thing til i had to leave for work at 8!!

Silviii said...

Die Menschenmenge sah im TV schlimmer aus als es tatsächlich war - ich war am Trafalgar Square, alles war sehr friedlich und gesittet british :)

und wer sieht wie lauren conrad aus? :)

Brissa said...

haha i love the commentary. can i just move to germany and become friends with you two and be admitted to the cool kid club?

Kayla said...

Kate's dress... or excuse me, Catherine's dress = perfection.
She is so dang cute!
P.S. Prince Harry is mine, back off!!

Jenni Austria Germany said...



it's uncanny!

Jihee said...

Kate's dress was amazing. So beautiful! I dont know why, but here in the states, people were going CRAZY over the wedding. Waking up in the middle of the night to watch it. My friend in London said all her friends and her just stayed home and had it on in the background haha.

Anonymous said...

Great comments! :D I also had to comment during the fabulous ceremony, espcially William's hair. What happened to him?! When did he become this bald? lol Anyway.... thanks for your comments and that compliment about my english, I really appreciate it. And I wanted to say I like your blog pretty much. *following* :))

Mélanie said...

Toujours aussi intéressant ton blog ;)
Mélanie (pour les amoureuse de vintage --> http://fripesketchup.wordpress.com/)

artichoke said...

haha, love your commentary! i didn't watch the wedding, but now i pretty much know how it went :)

Junaluska said...

Thanks for your comment! And haha I didn't watch the wedding but your commentary is hilarious.

Rini said...

:)))))) yes I know, wasn't it great, just 1 hour time difference! ;) Lindt easter eggs make perfect lunch too. :)

I think she could use a little more flesh on her bones, but no matter, she looked stunning

Anonymous said...

this is making me smile each time I read it.

Magdalena Viktoria said...

haha, I agree with most of this. :)

Unknown said...

best commentary ever. at least you watched...

and she really does look like LC.

kim @ a positive peace said...

hahaha i never thought about it, but yes! kate middleton DOES look like lauren conrad!!

Lindsay [rookie's nest] said...

LOL this seriously made me laugh. & I can't quite see the LC look-alike in kate. i'm googling though, working on seeing it!! x

Mighty Burns said...

lol I didnt watch it becuase I figured that would pretty much be what i was saying the entire time too lol

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