one of the happiest moments of my life

Saturday, May 7, 2011

was introducing my parents to a place i hold so dear to my heart.  it felt really surreal because my  life there was so fantastic that it often felt like a dream.  having my parents visit, though, somehow confirmed that it was actually a reality; a collision of two worlds, if you will.  i was so thrilled (though not surprised) that they loved my city and i think i was probably glowing with pride the whole time.  i get such strong pangs of longing and nostalgia when i recall any memory from salzburg but the memories from their visit are particularly special to me.

since it’s almost mother’s day…..i thought i would post some more photos of their visit, in hopes that it makes my mom smile!


my dad, pointing to some kind of fruit or vegetable at the market in universitaetplatz.  i don’t know why he was pointing.  chances are he didn’t know why either.:


i think we got ice cream every day.  for only a euro, why not?:2

me, standing in front of one of my classroom buildings on rudolfskai:


my parents in caroline’s and my room.  i miss that room; one of the best living situations i’ve ever had…  and, coincidentally, the only time i’ve ever shared a room with someone.  i did, however, hate those horrid curtains….:


mirabell gardens, looking as beautiful as ever.  i was particularly excited about showing my parents this since my mom is such a sound of music fan.:5

one of the dwarves in mirabell gardens (there are dozens and my dad loved them!  he took a picture of every single one, which made me really happy.):


what i originally thought was a tribute to president obama, since i arrived in salzburg weeks after his inauguration.  turns out, it’s just a man on a gold ball.:7

salzburg, i love you.:8

mozart’s statue in mozartplatz:


my dad, standing in front of their hotel.  i loved this hotel!  it’s located just outside of salzburg near the base of the untersberg mountain so they had to take a bus to and from town each day, which really stressed them out (they couldn’t ever remember the name of their bus stop).  silly parents. :10yes 

great….now i miss my parents.  i don’t miss salzburg, though – i’m there right now!  :)

meg fee said...

you're there?!!!!!!!!

oh man, that "obama" picture has me laughing big time.

Miss A said...

Wow, you're in Salzburg?? Lucky you! You must be thrilled right now :) Lovely pictures!

Jan said...

Yes this post is making me smile. Daddy is not just randomly pointing to a fruit or vegetable. He's pointing to mushrooms. He loves them and they were very expensive. I forgot about the ice cream we got. It was so good - the best ice cream in America (I mean Europe!!) Yes we loved the dwarfs. We went back to our room where they played Sound of Music 24/7 and watched to see which dwarf Gretl pats on the head!!

this free bird said...

awww this is wonderful. i totally understand how you feel - it was surreal to see my parents sleep in my bed, in my house some 3000 miles from where i came from. kind of made me cry


Mimi said...

awww, that is really nice! i was smiling while reading and looking at your photos. :D

<3, Mimi

christine donee said...

that is so sweet. and cool. and your parents seem pretty awesome. i'm sure they are.

sarah nicole said...

Awww, I love this! What a fun time you must have had.



Anonymous said...

your parents are beautiful!
i bet it was awesome sharing memories with them there!

Anonymous said...

i don't love somewhere so exotic but my husband and i moved out to victoria bc from ontario two and a half years ago and i know that feeling of wanting to share with with loved ones. i was sad that it rained and was randomly freezing cold the whole time my mother visited last year. my dad still hasn't come but i can't wait for when he does!

Megan said...

i would like to still believe that is a tribute to Obama.

remember that one time that girl stole your cake mix?

im still reeling.

arielle elise. said...

so, so sweet. what awesome memories! :) it looks like a beautiful place..

TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

Love this!! My parents came over to visit us for the first time this past fall and I was really excited to show them around my favorite spots too! Glad ya'll had a great time! Great photos, btw.

-E- said...

its actually a sculpture called "Sphaera" by the artist Stephan Balkenhol.

Madeline said...

i miss you, jan and jack!!! :(

Jenni Austria Germany said...

mom! i can't believe you remember that abput the mushrooms?

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