Conversations with a Polish boy, part 6.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

him: you know that song "not in me, not in you" by roxette?
me: no.
him: we heard it on the radio earlier.
me: we heard "knowing me, knowing you" by abba.
him: yeah, that's the same song.
him: i feel like i've been digging ditches 5 days in a row.
me: what?
him: i said i feel like i've been digging ditches 5 days in a row.
me: have you?
him: of course not.
me: what does that mean?
him: it means i had to wake up early today and i'm tired...obviously.
[.....again, obviously.]

him: i worked for an american company once. it was so strange but strange in a good way.
me: how was it strange?
him: nobody called the men 'sir' and nobody called the women 'madame'.
me: .....i don't think anyone in america calls anyone 'madame'.
him: so what do you call women, formally?
me: ma'am.
him: ma'am instead of madame? that's funny. must be a southern thing.
[yeah, because i hear in the northern states, everyone says 'yes, madame' and ‘no, madame’.]
him: what do you call the yellow part of an egg?
me: the yolk.
him: so when you're making breakfast and you hand someone a plate of eggs do they say, " Thanks for the yolk." ?
me: no. they do not say that.
[i should mention there were cool hand gestures involved in his question.]
Anonymous said...

im laughing hysterically at the yolk one LOLLLLLLLLLL! (my boyfriend is norwegian and i feel like i have these same conversations...trying explaining what 'cloud 9' is to a foreigner...)

flor said...

Oh. Wow. And these are real-life conversations?! Eekers- that was funny. I think I got a six pack from laughing out loud so much:)

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hayley said...

bahaha i think these convos may be my favorite part of blog reading. i'm not dating a germ, but only have guy friends and their new favorite words are skanky, skeez, and 'hella'. it is so funny hearing it. and i love the phone 5.

Pretzel Thief said...

"Not in me, not in you" = AHAHAHAHAH! Man, that is freakin' GOLD.

Screw the original title, imma be singing that from now on. Bwah!

Also, I used to love Roxette back as a kid growing up in the Former Yugoslavia.

They were the shizzle.


(Tee hee!)

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

Where in the world does he come up with some of this stuff... like the yooolk?! Haha!

I remember one summer my cousin (this was in Poland) got upset because she didn't have any shoes to wear in the shower at a cottage/bed & breakfast sort of place we stayed at when hiking in the mountains. I was just wondering what the big deal was and she told me she could get a disease or something.. No clue!

emily g. said...

1. Phone 5 never gets old
2. I was laughing before I even got to the end of the yolk story. Classic.
3. I stopped to think about what a song that said "not in me, not in you" would actually mean... I can't decide if I was just confused or concerned.
4. teeny weeny

Jasmine said...

Haha I love the one with Roxette and abba =D
You're such a cute couple!

Jan said...

Haaaaa Haaaaa!! I loved the Abba one!! He's so funny. I also loved the cute graphics at the top of this entry.

Inessa said...

OMG the yolk one is hilarious

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA the digging ditches one --- he's like a child with this stuff he comes up with!

tifsong said...

i really really like these conversations. pure entertainment, and joy. also your pictures and borders are pretty fantastic. unicorns and rainbows.

haha. bliss.

Jello♥ said...

LOL.. so funny. keep them coming; i love reading those conversations ; )


Gentri said...

Hahahahahaha! These are my favorite posts! So funny! :)

Alex said...

I feel like seeing these convos go down in person would be one of the most entertaining experiences ever!

Jen said...

My favorite posts, too! These are such a hit. Makes me happy. :)

kimbirdy said...

ha! hilarious. :)

Mackenzie said...

this. was. amazing. gang related egg yolk jokes?! be still my hear.

The Michelle Show said...

your boyfriend is actually hilarious!
This makes me want to carry a notepad around and catch some of the ridiculous things my <3 and I talk about.

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

hahahaha thanks for sharing these! they just brightened my day!

liz said...

These posts are my favorite. I mean, it's hard enough to communicate with a boy who has the same first language as you, let alone a Polish one.

Madeline said...

Jack! hahahahaha

Taylor said...

Guys who speak english as their second language are so adorable in the way they talk. Excellent stories, my dear! There should be a book! =)

Ashley said...

i really really really love reading these conversations between you two they are simply priceless. i love how adorable you two are!!! <3 xox

Chelsea said...

Hahaha, this is great! My husband lived in Poland for a couple years. He's currently watching Toy Story in Polish for fun and will constantly pause it and make me watch parts to explain what is going on (although I've already seen the movie in English) and then point out some funny translations.

Back to what I was going to say -- your conversations are hilarious. I think part of it has to do with the cultural differences and part of it has to do with him just being funny... like the "yolk" joke :)

LL said...

i ALSO love the graphics at the top of this post. maybe it can be the cover of your memoir

Erica said...

Again, these posts crack me up!

P.S. Thanks for sending over your post! It was perfect :)

Brissa said...

these get me EVERYtime. so good. i just wish someone could film your lives so we could witness gems like the "" one. aahaha

Jessica Lynn said...

Best conversations I've heard (read) in a long time. I love asking incessant questions to my foreign friends too.

Magdalena Viktoria said...

these make me smile :)

Jeneric Generation said...

I am so impressed with his English! Being able to make jokes in your non-native language can't be easy. I, along with everyone else in the world (i.e. this comment pop-up box), love these conversations with a Polish boy. The yolk one!! Hilarious.

Megan said...

omg. i really love this series. never let it stop.

so your father isnt the boss of every american company?

next your gonna tell me your last name isnt austria germany.

Tiffany said...

I loved this blog so much, I linked to it on my blog today!


Mighty Burns said...

lol wherein the hell did that last one even come from?? lol sometimes I can Kiiiiinda sorta see where he is going with things.. but what the what? lol I love these.. they make my day oh so much better!

Rachel Upshaw said...

Although there were no references to pringles in this one, the Phone 5 had me dying...

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