Conversations with a Polish boy, part 9.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

^^ homemade nalesniki just for me...with ketchup!! ^^

me: did you know anything about the casey anthony case before we talked about it? was that publicized in poland at all?
him: i knew her last name should have been dias.
me: what?
him: dias.....casey dias.
me: like, cameron diaz?
him: no, like quesadillas.

him: do you wanna move to america and open up a restaurant with me?
me: yes. it should be a half-american, half-polish restaurant.
him: no it shouldn't. it should just be italian.
me: but neither of us are italian.
him: well, you know what they don't have to be a doctor to own a clinic.
me: they say that? who says that?
him: mostly just me.

him: [my friend] said he'd give you a ride to the train station to try to stop you from hating him.
me: he thinks i hate him?
him: well...yeah, he thinks you hate him.
me: why does he think i hate him?
him: i don't really know. i think because i told him you hate him.

him: so, i have to defend my thesis tomorrow at 11:00. i'm planning on getting there around 9:00.
me: why so early?
him: for gossips with my classmates.
me: you mean, to gossip?
him: i guess.
me: what are you going to gossip about?
him: school, my thesis, their exams, etc.
me: i don't really think that's what 'gossip' means...
him: in my english, that's what it means.
me: yeah, well, in your english, 'hottrible' means 'terribly hot'.
him: exactly!

me: i'm not eating nalesniki without ketchup.
him: we don't have any ketchup.
me: i know, and i asked you to get some after work.
him: you did?
me: yes. and you didn't, did you?
him: no. when did you ask me?
me: last night.
him: really? i don't remember that at all. what did you say?
me: i said, "we're out of ketchup".

disclaimer: i mentioned in this post that piotr has a few words which he uses very frequently, and very rarely in the correct context. 'basically' is one of those words.
me: how was work today?
him: good. i met this guy who was basically big and bald.

Lauren Byers said...

hehehe this is sooo funny! I love reading it!
I hope you two get married!!! :)

choose to be happy blog said...

omg omg omg! please post more of these! i read them all, and loved it!!!

so cute. again... yall need to V-L-O-G!!

Alex said...

You should compile all of these Piotr conversations into a book. It would be a riot.

P.S. Those pictures of y'all are adorbs.

Lidiya said...

I adore this post and you were so so adorable! Such a funny conversation :)

Rachel said...

these are hilarious! i love them! quesadillas! classic!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Agreed with other Alex, if this were a book, I'd definitely read every page.

Jeneric Generation said...

You were such an adorable child!!! You both were, but I can't get over you! Do you laugh histerically when he says these things? Or do you just calmly make mental notes for later...

Anonymous said...

i am laughing out loud at these but HOW did you have that much hair as a 3 year old??? my goodness!

xoxo jen

Laura Ann said...

You two are hilarious!

Brissa said...

"you don't have to be a doctor to own a clinic."
"i think because i told him you hate him"
and "hottrible and gossips"
are my favorites. i love these posts. i wish they happened every day.
if you two opened up an italian restaurant, i promise to be your first customer. oh yes, and i love the pictures. love them.

Megan said...

i am really excited for thanksgiving. two americans, a pol, an aussi, an english, and and irish....

i mean if that is not entertaining i do not know what is.

Gentri said...

Hahahahaha!! These are my favorite! Hilarious!

kim @ a positive peace said...

Lol so funny! I especiallyenjoyed the one about you hating his friend bc I'm pretty sure I've had that conversation at least 10x with my bf...and never have I said I hate any of his friends!!

The Michelle Show said...

He cracks me up, hahahahaha

Charlotte Pahline said...

I'm running out of ways to explain how hilarious I find these!!! I think you should make t-shirts of these phrases. I would rock the socks off a "hottrible" tee.

DJ said...

haha I definitely laughed out loud at the casey-dias joke!

PS, you look EXACTLY the same as you did when you were 3. Or should I say, 3 year old you looks surprisingly lady-like!

k said...

i seriously laugh out loud at these!

meg fee said...

you do know these are my favorite, don't you?! that i read them aloud to my coworkers when i'm on the computer in the closet?

TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

Haha, these are great. EVen just between me and my Canadian husband we have convos like these. Actually, maybe everyone does. BOys and girls just speak different languages most of the time :)

kim said...

Hahaha, these were great :)
I have two Spanish colleagues who say "basically" all. the. time. Doesn't matter whether it's appropriate or not. Don't see how that would connect to the Polish though.

manzanita said...

These posts literally make me laugh out loud! My co-workers always ask me to read them out loud but I can't even get through one with out cracking up.

Taylor said...

i just laughed out loud :) piotr is a funny dude.

Barbara said...

Quesadillas hahaha!! Those photo's of both of you are too cute for words :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha. i always look forward to these conversation posts! i totally thought cameron diaz too.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Oh Piotr. These are my favorite posts from you for sure!

Pretzel Thief said...

BAHAHAHAH. What a hoot! Piotr rocks the hilarity casbah, oh yes sirree!

More of these convos, please.

And yes, you're both too cute in those childhood snaps!

Miss Bibliophile said...

Ha! I laughed out loud at these. Keep 'em coming!

Mackenzie said...

hottrible. oh my lord. i cracked up so hard over this!

nova said...

I just want you to know that your conversations are one of the first things I read in my blog-reader feed every time.

Jessi @ Life: The Epic Journey said...

I love his use of basically!!

lydia. said...

"for gossips."
i'm totally calling it that now!

Mighty Burns said...

LOL I love these. they are so cute!

Jan said...

My favorite one was the 1st one - the quesadillas!!

kylee said...

yesss! call me repatative but i love love love when you do these posts. make me laugh so hard every time. quesadillas. DYING right now.

Miss Chelsea said...

Umm I'm cracking up... I need a Polish fella to converse with

kimbirdy said...

haha, casey-dias! he's a quick one!

Erin said...

oh how i love your conversations with a polish boy! my favorite from this particular installment would have to be the "gossip" dialogue. too good.

and i'm watching up on all of the blog posts i've missed.. 1. i had no idea you spent time in the hospital! i hope you are doing so much better. and 2. your harry potter post?! LOVED it. it was perfect.

Kayla said...

you look soooo sassy!!!
Such cuties!

elledoubleyouu said...

I just read all eight parts of this and laughed out loud so many times!

♥ LW

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